chapter 21

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Perrie p.o.v 

It was like I was super glued to the floor. Like my mind was playing tricks on me. He couldn't possibly already be here could he? No no no why now why me? "What are you doing here" I said coldly. He chuckled sickening me. "You seem happy to see me." I gave a fake laugh "Yeah so happy to see the man that mentally scarred me for life. What do you want ?Why are you here? Haven't you caused enough damage!!!!!" Everyone just pursed their lips not daring to say a word. A dark shodow or anger flashing across my dad's face before a forced smile made it's way back onto his lips. "I came to get custody over you guys or at least one of you" He eyed Caitlyn and I saw her bury her head into Jonnie's chest. Outrage and shock filling up in my body seeing my mam not do anything about this just staring at the ground mindlessy dazed. Where was Harry's dad? Why wasn't he here and not defending us? "Your not taking any of us NON of us want you here so do us a big fat favor and leave" I shouted pointing to the door behind me. My dad just stood in the same place he was obviously not leaving any time soon "Perrie just drop it" I heard Jonnie say "He's not leaving and we all know it. Telling him to leave is like talking to a wall" I turned to them "So this is how it's gonna be were going to let fear take over our lives because of him. Because of what he did ? Nice to know whose side your on" I stormed upstairs and into my room slamming the door purposly really loud. "I'll talk to her" I heard my mams faint voice say and soft steps going up the stairs. And then it hit me. Im dating Jade O.O and my dad is here. Oh fuck I'm screwed. I broke down in sobs he's going to fucking kill me. No no I can't do this noway. I buried my head into my pillow probably smearing mascara all over the white pillow sheets. I felt the bed dip beside me and someone's hand stroking my head. "Perrie what's wrong?" She asked siftly but sympathetically. I sat up straight the mascara and tears running down my face "Mum no no I can't do this if he finds out about Jade I'm fucked he'll kill me I can't what am I going to do?" I started hyperventalating and pulled my legs up to my chest sobbing. She rubbed my back reasusuringly. "Honey calm down I won't let him do anything Perrie I promise" She whispered. I still didn't believe her how did she know my dad was a maniac he'll burn this whole house down without any hesitation. I just sat there in the same position until she left kissing the top of my head whispering a "Good night" I eventually slept my pillow soaked and my body and teeth shaking. I  can't go back to the old ways and now I have both Leigh-Anne and my dad on my case. Why can't anything be normal for at least 20 seconds in my life for once?!??!?!!?!! 


Jade's p.o.v 

I decided to walk to Perrie's house so she can drive me to school it's sort of been a normal thing now a days. I knocked on her door happily. The sun was shining today unlike last night. It just seemed like a nice day.The door didn't open yet and I was getting impatient I knocked on it again getting a response this time. A middle aged man stood infront of me a frown on his face as he rubbed his eyes probably just waking up from his slumber. I took in his features he had brown hair and brownish bluish eyes he had some stubble on his face. I got the feeling that he wasnt Harry's dad. "Who are you?" He asked annoyed that I just woke him up.I don't know what it was but I immediatly was intimidated and scared if him. " Perrie's friend. Is she here?" He mumbled something to me I couldn't firgure out what before he yelled loudly into the house. "Perrie there's company for you" She quickly rushed down the stairs stopping abruptly staring at the man and I switching her gazes from me to him obviously shocked. "Would you like to introduce me?" He smirked almost devilishly. Which seemed to snap her out of her daze a crease forming inbetween her eyebrows before she shook her head snapping a quick "No" to him running down the stairs grabbing my arm taking me away from the stranger. I didn't say anything until we were in the car. "Who was that?" I asked the mad expression still on her face. "He's my dad" She tightned the grip on her wheel "Oh". I was a bit suprised he wasn't like how I'd expect him to look like he seemed really scary to me. Is that how Perrie felt before? Why was she so mad ? Did I do something? She saw how my face fell and quickly replied "I'll talk to you about it at school alright" She said putting her hand on my knee. I nodded smiling before I quickly kissed her cheek seeing the dimples form so perfectly on her face.


Perrie and I had to avoid eachother at all costs at school. Leigh-Anne was keeping an eye on the both of us. We kept our distance making sure no one saw the both of us anywhere near eachother. Until after lunch when Perrie dragged me into the empty girls bathroom. I looked at her curiously "What's wrong babe?" She put her head in her hands before she spoke "Everthing is just getting so confusing I have Leigh-Anne following every step I take at school and then my dad at home I just cant cope" "Hey" I said putting a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear before removing her hands from her face. "If you want us to stop seeing eachother its ok" I smiled weakly even though it sort of killed me on the inside. "No! I don't care about them Jade I still want you it's just their making my life so much more complicated then it already is" She said grabbing my waist pulling me closer to her as I wrapped arms around her neck. "Then we'll find a way to make us still happen even if were practically getting stalked if you dont mind Perrie I don't I just want you to be safe too." she smiled before leaning in to kiss me softly. After time the soft kiss became rougher and we walked backwards so I was sitting on the sink tops pulling her closer to me as I wrapped my legs around her waist bringing her closer. "Your so freaking perfect Jade do you know that?" She began kissing my neck making me feel like I was in a dream again. My hands got tangled in her hair as she bit down on my sensitive skin making low moans escape my mouth.Perrie just had a way of making me feel like I was special some how when she kissed me. 


Leigh-Anne's p.o.v ;-) 

I was getting ready to go to the bathroom to touch up my make up but what I saw was completly unexpected. I smiled to myself pulling out my phone to record what was happening before my eyes. 

Oh Perrie Edwards how you are so fucking screwed right now.


:D EVIL leigh anne lol 

first off id like to thank you guys for the freaking 4k and more reads on this . you guys are perfect thanks for all the support i love you <3 

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