the G word

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*2 weeks later* 

I've been dating Nicole for a while now. We were chilling at my house when my phone goes off. I look at my phone and I don't know the number. I ignore it. 5minutes later it goes off again I answer. 

"Hello" I ask. 

"Hey sexy how ya been" I hear a female voice I instantly hang up. I know the voice that voice got me in deep shit when I was younger. 

"Baby who was it" Nicole asks. 

"No one wrong number" I lie looking straight ahead. raven was one of the first females I dated she was a stem and a damn sexy one at that. She got me in shit I couldn't get away from till I moved. How did she get my number? Does she know where I am? Does she want revenge for walking out on her? You see the only way I got away from Raven was moving not telling anyone where I was going. So Adrianna is not my government name its my middle name. I switched them my original name is Cassandra but in order to get away from Raven I had to change my name and where I lived. The only friend I kept was Miranda but we were separated when I was younger but she moved and I stayed down in Compton. It was safe to stay friends with her since Raven didn't know her. As Raven got deeper in the drug trade the more I tried to get away but I stayed because the sex was addictive that and I was scared of her. she is more stud than fem and baby girl was fucking insane she was also bi polar. She never took her medicine we got into a argument and she pulled a knife on me and cut my arm bad. I got a tattoo to cover the scar. 

"Baby can we make it official" Nicole says after tapping me to reality  

"Huh?" I ask. 

"I wanna be ya girl can we make official" she pouts. I like Nicole I do but I know I could never love her. 

"Yeah we can" I say her face lights up with happiness. 

"Yay!!" she says and kisses me. I let her and I slip my tongue in her mouth. She moans a little when my hands move down her body. I like that sound so I deepen the kiss and push her on the bottom. She doesn't object I start kissing her neck when my phone vibrates again. 

"Fuck hold on" I say and get off her she looks pissed. I look and its the same number. 

"I'll be back baby I promise" I say and kiss her. I walk outside. 

"How did you find my number bitch" I fire when I get outside. 

"Ouch baby Kasey why so hard on me" she ask I can hear her smile on her face. 

"Don't call me that Raven what do you want" I demand. 

"oohh I missed the way you say my name" she says sensually. 

"Fuck ever Raven how the hell did you get my number" I say harshly. 

"I got sources and you know it Kasey I always knew where u were I just never tried to communicate with you thought it would be best. But I can see you changed your name to Adrianna you switched your middle and first name" she says I hear clicking this bitch looked me up. 

"How!" I asked 

"Well baby your do got a record you know I got friends in the law enforcement." she says. 

"I'm not your fucking baby what do you want with me" I ask. 

"I'm coming down there for a vacation can't wait to see u oh and KC you will always be mine I was your first and I intend to be your last" she says with a laugh and hangs up. I stare at my phone scared as hell. I could not tell anyone the less they knew the better.

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