Chapter 5

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"It was easier than I thought," mentioned Seiji-kun, his voice filled with satisfaction.

"What was easier?" Yuuto asked back, his voice filled with annoyance.

"Putting you on my couch wearing nothing but underwear," Seiji-kun replied. Though his eyes focused more on the canvas than on the teacher, he watched Yuuto carefully, paying attention to the cosplayer's reaction with a smile on his lips.

Yuuto snorted a little too loudly and opened his mouth... but when he couldn't come up with an answer, he closed it and turned his head away.

"Don't get mad at me and change the pose," Seiji-kun said, his hand still holding the brush. "It's your own fault."

"How is this my fault?" The teacher finally mumbled something, though it was more to himself than to Seiji-kun.

Since the school year ended, Seiji-kun had asked, in his cute and demanding way, to increase their muse sessions. The teacher didn't give a second thought and accepted with a smile on his face.

Even though the students were on a break, Yuuto still had work, but it wasn't a full day. The teacher had already planned to use the extra time to catch up on his reading, cosplays and perhaps visit his grandparents on the weekend. Even so, he still had more free time than he expected.

That was what Yuuto told Seiji-kun. It was true, but there was another reason behind his instant yes, a reason the teacher wouldn't dare voicing it, not even to himself. Their somewhat different relationship had grown over the past two months, so much Yuuto believed they were more than just muse and artist, teacher and student. He truly believed there was a sort of friendship between them, perhaps more.

But in the few days before Seiji-kun' graduation, Yuuto found himself with a pang in his heart every time he thought about his soon-to-be former student. He had a hunch the feeling was because one of their bonds was about to disappear, but he had no idea why it bothered him that much.

Part of him thought it could be he was wary about Seiji-kun' words the day when they became muse and artist. I promise while we're still teacher and student, I'll won't do anything that might displease you... Yuuto felt weird every time he relieved Seiji-kun' voice saying that in his mind, but it didn't changed the fact that one their bonds was about to end.

The entire graduation ceremony went by slowly, so slow Yuuto believed there was something wrong with the time, almost as if it refused to move properly. He tried looking for Seiji-kun, but among so many people, it was impossible. When it was over and many of his now former students talked to him, suddenly everything was moving twice as fast and Yuuto wished he had more time to prepare his heart.

Finally, after almost all students, graduates and parents had left and Yuuto was feeling a bit dejected, Seiji-kun showed up. Though he spoke to Yuuto in a rather normal and not teasing way, the pang in the teacher's heart only grew deeper.

But when Seiji-kun leaned in whispered in the teacher's ear that he wanted more time together, Yuuto accepted the proposal right away, and had trouble to keep himself from hugging his former student right there in the middle of school.

But together with their new arrangement, came an unforeseen problem. In the second week of March, Yuuto ran out of new cosplays in their last session. He blamed his bliss for not realizing this would happen. With a bit of shame for his mistake as a muse, he told Seiji-kun about the situation, avoiding the former student's eyes the entire time.

After a few moments of silence from the former student and the teacher fiddling with the hem of his skirt, Seiji-kun gently touched Yuuto's chin and forced the teacher to look him in the eyes. He said in a soft voice 'don't worry. An artist takes care of his muse.'

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