Chapter 19

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Vic's POV

The uncomfortable feeling of being watched enters my stomach the minute I walk through the school hall. It's the first time I'm back at school since everything happened and everyone's eyes are on me. I don't blame them. They must all be curious about Kellin but it's not of anyone's business which is pissing me off. People turn and whisper to their friends as I clench my jaw trying not to snap at anyone. With all this, it's going to be hell when Kellin comes back to school. He's been through enough. I walk down the hall and spot Tay and Oli. They look stressed as hell so I make my way over to them.

"Vic, hey." Oli says as I stop next to him.

"Is Kellin okay? What happened? Where is he?" Tay asks urgently.

I frown and nod.

"He's, he's doing better." I mumble sadly.

"What happened?" Tay asks taking my hand and giving it a gently squeeze.

"He, uh, he passed out from hunger. Because he's, he's anorexic. Has been for years." I explain and Tay looks at me distraught.

Oli groans and smacks his forehead.

"We should have fucking noticed." He says angrily. "What kind of friends does that make us?"

"Oli, this isn't our fault." Tay says gently as she lets go of my hand and pulls Oli into a hug.

"She's right, he was like this before he even met you guys." I explain and that let go of each other looking at me shocked.

"That long? How did he keep it a secret for that long?" Oli asks confused.

"Guess he had years of practice." I shrug.

"God, is he doing okay? Is he getting better?" Tay asks hopefully.

"I think he's trying. I think he wants to. It's just difficult at the moment. He can't eat without breaking down. His body was rejecting everything he ate at first. It's just exhausting for the both of us. He's living with me at the moment." I explain and they nod.

"He hasn't been returning my calls." Tay says suspiciously and I look at her confused. Kellin's had his phone on him so there should be no reason why he's not answering the phone. He's even had spare time to do that. Unless he's ignoring her. I'll have to ask him about that later.

"I'm sure he's just tired. He's had a rough week." I say and she nods.

"Well, could you tell him that we love him and miss him?"

I nod and she smiles before hugging me then walking off. Oli squeezes my shoulder and gives me a sad smile.

"Look after him for us." He explains and I nod as he follows Tay.

I start walking down the hallway again until I'm stopped by a guy in shades. What is it with people wearing shades inside? He's got dyed blonde hair and a silver lip ring. I recognize him as the guy who helped Matty take Kellin towards the pool, instantly making me pissed.

"What the fuck do you want?" I spit and he grins pulling out his phone.

"Have you seen these? They're fucking hilarious." He laughs holding his phone towards me. On the screen is a picture of Kellin unconscious on the ground with a caption that says 'Fatass goes on a diet'.

I can't control my anger as I rip the phone from his hand and throw it at the wall, barely missing a few bystanders. It smashes into pieces and I see rage enter this guy's eyes.

"Chris, leave him alone!" I hear the voice of the last person I want to see right now, Matty.

"He just smashed my fucking phone!" This Chris guys says through gritted teeth.

"You have enough money to by fifteen more, just fuck off. We'll talk later." Matty says and Chris storms off.

Matty walks over to me and want nothing more than to punch him in his stupid fucking face.

"Uh, how is he?" Matty asks with a guilty look.

"You're the last person that I'd tell. This is all your fucking fault." I spit shoving him.

By now, I've caught the attention of everyone around us. But I don't care, I'm too pissed off.

"I never meant for it to go that far. I never meant to hurt him." He says desperately and I snort.

"You've been hurting him for years. What the fuck did you think you were doing?" I ask clenching my hands into a fist.

"I know, I know. I'm so sorry. Can you tell him that I'm sorry?" Matty asks seeming distraught but I don't care. I nearly lost my boyfriend because of him.

"He doesn't even believe that he's skinny so why would he believe that you're sorry? I don't even fucking believe you! Just piss off before I do something that I might regret." I snarl and he nods before walking off.

I quickly forget about him as I realize that I have bigger problems now. There's photos of Kellin and they're circulating online. How the fuck am I supposed to keep him safe from this? I can't just ban him from using his phone. Besides, he's bound to see them at some point. People are sick. There's a boy unconscious and he could possibly die so they take out their phones then take pictures. The human race is starting to disgust me.

Now everything's more fucked up than before. Things are just getting out of control. I just want to protect him from the bad in the world and that's becoming so difficult. This is all going to destroy him, over and over and over again. If he gets better, this is going to bring him right back down then we're going to be back at the start.

I shake my head and walk off passing Kellin's locker on the way but something catches my eye. There are pieces of paper stuck to the locker. I walk over to them and read what they say.

'Eat a donut freak'

'Just kill yourself already'

'What the fuck is wrong with you?'

Tears well up in my eyes as I tear them off the locker. I can't do this anymore. I need to go home to Kellin. I need him to know just how much he means to me. He needs to know that there are people here supporting him. I storm out of the school but am stopped as I'm walking towards the parking lot. I'm about to snap but the girl who stopped me seems sad.

"Vic wait, I know that this school is full of dicks but there are people that hope Kellin gets better." She says with a weird accent twirling her finger in her blonde hair.

There's also a guy with blonde hair standing next to her with his arm around her waist.

"Yeah, like I haven't talked to him but I've had people tell me that Kellin's a sweet dude, a little shy but a good person. It's horrible to hear something like this happening to such a well-liked person." The guy says and I give them a grateful smile.

"It's nice to know that there are actually decent people here. Thank you guys." I thank them, my mood increasing. Maybe the human race isn't so shitty after all.

"It's no problem. I'm Jenna, this is my boyfriend Cam." She pulls out a pen and a piece of paper before writing something down then handing it to me. "Call us if you or Kellin need anything."

I nod looking down at the phone numbers before slipping the paper in my pocket. I thank them again before walking off towards my car, eager to get back to my boyfriend.

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