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Know This

Her soft lips gently kissed my neck, hands roamed my chest. I was feeling her vibe right now, she's in control and I'm letting her have that.

"You like that baby?"

Yes. Hell yes. Would I let her know that? Hell no.

I grabbed her body lightly but quickly and reversed our standings, now she's on the wall. "Jump." She did as I said and wrapped her legs around my waist tightly. I pressed closer to her heat and her moans were low. My hands ran up her body from her hips and she dipped her head back.

My phone started ringing and she looked at me with a shocked face when I put her feet back on the floor to grab it. I laughed to myself.

"Yes?" I huff answering the phone.

"Check the time."

I looked at the time on my phone screen, "9:46, what man?"

"Dumbass! The damn concert starts at 11, what the hell you doing anyways?"

"Shit. I got caught up I'll be there in-"

"You're leaving me?"

I looked at her like she lost her damn mind. Of course I am? The fuck?

"Anyways give me...10 minutes I'll be ready in 10 minutes, Trey."


I have a performance in Vegas tonight, heading to LA tomorrow finally.

"So....you're leaving?" She asked. "Uh yeah my bad ma I forgot I had something to do." "Yeah! Me!" I laughed at her while slipping on my shoes. "I'm serious Chris! Just...2 more minutes!" I thought about it for a second then realized I'll last a couple hours without sex.

I moved her hands off of my lower half. "Nah I gotta go bye." I said grabbing my phone from her dresser. "Call me tonight baby" "yeah...yeah I'll see."

I got out of that house fast. Her touch was amazing. Gave me shivers but I know if I were to stay another two minutes she'd think I would actually call her. I'm not creating any strings for her to pull on. Hell no.

I got into my car and sped off quickly receiving a text.

karruche 🍑
good luck tonight ! come by afterwards?

Oh that's her name... How'd I even get her damn number? But nah, she good.

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