||Author's Note||

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I want to thank you for reading this fanfic. :D It means so much to me that so many of you liked it. Every vote is amazing and every comment just brightens my day. :) This is probably my most favourite thing I've written, and all your support has just made it that much better. Every day I love to see the new notifications I get on this and every day I feel more and more happy to write. :) I just want to thank everyone who have read this. :D To think that it just started off as a simple Friday at school when I thought of the idea, and just couldn't wait to get home and write it. I can't thank everyone enough :)

Okay so... Now I'll just get on to explaining some Easter eggs/fun facts/origins of this fanfic, 'cause I want to tell you about the things that have changed throughout this book and things you might find interesting. 🙃

1. As I said in the introduction, the story is based of off patientalien's one-shot, No Hiding, No Safe Covers on fanfiction.net. The start of their story is very similar to mine, though the fanifcs completely morf into completely different things.

2. To be honest, I had no idea where I was going with this story. Some chapters I just wrote and see where it took me, basically. That why some of them are really dull.

3. Why Moraband? Well, at first it was going to be Tatooine or Jakku. And if Jakku, Ahsoka would assume it's Tatooine, though Anakin would say something about only one sun in the sky, so it couldn't be Tatooine. Eventually Jakku or Tatooine became Moraband so Anakin would have to deal with the Dark Side.

4. In Unknown Voices, Anakin sees operation 3473 (though unknown at the time) and from that point, I knew I wanted to have a fire in the sky, though I hadn't come up with people causing it until after Explaining All the Death. That night I have a massive brain-wave and thus, there were enemies. THEY came to me before I wrote Dark Side Demons.

5. In the description for the book, 'THEY' is capitalised because I wanted the word 'they' in italics for the description, but in the description you can't. I had know idea that I was going to end up making THEY the ghostly enemies.

6. THEY are based on the Oni in Teen Wolf season 3.

7. I was going to add a SWR reference in about Ahsoka saying, "without the Force, I am no Jedi" from Twilight of the Apprentice when she says: "I am no Jedi." I ended up not writing it because I just couldn't find the right place, though there are hints of Ahsoka being sad about not sensing the Force if you read closely.

8. The number 3473, as in Operation 3473, is 'Fire' on a phone keypad.

9. A Padawan Lost gets it's name from Padawan Lost the Clone Wars episode. And Fire and Ice in the Sky was going to be called 'Fire in the Sky' based from the SWR episode Fire Across the Galaxy.

10. There were two endings: a happy one, and a sad one. The happy one is the same as the one you get but with added Anakin POV on the end. The sad one was with Anakin dying.

11. In the description it say, "The Chosen One is what THEY seek, and the Chosen One is what THEY will get". It's like the saying "be careful for what you wish for".

Read the next chapter to see what my next fanfics are going to be about. There are about five or so, and I'll be writing two of them so you can vote for those special two :) also Q and A here too.

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