Chapter 9

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We quickly ran in all different directions.

Tehya running behind a giant pot plant.
Alessandra behind a corner.
Hayley inside a clothes rack.
Joyce in amongst the teddy bears and me...
Shoot! Where am I going to hide?!

I looked around frantically to see mannequins at the front of a ladies clothes store behind a glass screen. I looked outside to see the sun almost set and then quickly ran to the mannequins. I ripped off the big coat one of them was wearing and put it on me. I got into a model pose with my hands on my hips and puckered my lips.

But then I remembered, my stake. I left it on the table about 5 metres in front of me in the middle of the walking space. The sun was set and I know that vampires would see me if I attempted to grab it.

I held my position.

The two vampires had entered the mall with the menu book in one of their hands. They begun walking down towards us. Their lips were smudged with blood as they hung their mouths open, showing sharp canine teeth that were red stained. Their eyes were as imaginable as the devils- red and filled with death.

They started sniffing their surroundings and split up in opposite directions. I couldn't believe that they didn't know I was alive standing 20ft in front of them.

I turned my eyes to look around at the others to see if they were prepared to kill the vampires lurking towards them, that was until I saw Joyce eating more chocolate almonds. The sound of the scrunch from the packet grabbed the vampires attention but she didn't realize that they were coming towards her.

They began communicating to each other but I couldn't understand what they were saying. They split up to both go around the castle of toys. I didn't know if she still knew that they were slowly approaching her. I anxiously bit my bottom lip.

The vampires were gaining on her.

"Joyce! Look out!" I shouted.

The vampires turned to look at me but then Joyce stood up like a beast flinging back toys behind her.

She held her stake and tackled down one of the vampires.

"Aarrgh! Die!"

She raised her stake high up in the air and stabbed it right down into the vampires chest where its cold-blooded heart was. The body went gray and dried up.

Tehya stood next to Joyce staring at the vampire corpse.

"Cooool." She said.

I was just standing outside the store I was in, when I remembered the other vampire that was going to attack Joyce.

Hayley emerged out from her hiding place and looked at me with worried eyes.

"Where's the other vampire?" She whispered.

I shrugged my shoulders but then thought- where's Alessandra?

My eyes widened. But then I saw Alessandra and the vampire around the corner. It looked like...they were talking or something. She saw me and all of a sudden she was gone, and the vampire suddenly lunged onto Tehya.

I just thought that it was my imagination seeing Alessandra with the vampire, so I looked back at Tehya.


She started screaming.

I quickly ran over to her as fast as I could. She fell to the floor with the vampire on top of her that was pinning her down while she was on her back. She was reaching for her stake but it was about 5 centimetres too far away from her.

As I continued to run she touched her stake with the points of her fingers and was finally able to grab onto it. She held it with full force making her knuckles whiten. She stabbed the stake right through its left eyeball and it fell back screeching in pain.

I then quickly lunged on top of it and grabbed the stake out of its eye. I stabbed it through its heart making it die.

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