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!!!! need i remind you i created this book years ago, which means my punctuation, grammar, and spelling all that sucked, including my smut. so take it easy. a few of them will look well put together while the others don't, it's because im working on fixing all of them when i have the time. now, for the rules

rules ;

0. im gonna say this again, i prefer private messages because i will immediately respond and that's more organizing for me.

1. just state what your name is (could be a fake name, whatever you want is fine.

2. you can do any ship like a celebrity non wrestler with a wrestler, or a wrestler with a wrestler.

3. list what you look like or what you want to  look like in the book, or what do you want the plot to be like, what do you want to happen. you don't necessarily have to be in the wwe.

4. I do rated r scenes without a doubt, maybe a few threesomes here and there if you're kinky, takes slightly a bit longer but I'll get it done.  If you want like lyrics to a song as the theme, tell me.


6. I beg of you do not rush me. I will get back to you if I'm busy or delaying the oneshot, it's fine to ask how's it going but not constantly. I'll let you know when i have finished. I'm very busy or very lazy, mainly lazy but I'll get it done.

so that's it, request away, xo

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