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-You have to state what you want to happen in the book. If not, your requests will not be completed, and don't say 'just surprise me'. They will be deleted.

- Don't just say can you have a Oneshot with a superstar and not give me detail of what you want to happen. I'm not going to keep asking 'What do you want it to be about ?' Because you should figure out the rules by now. It's on the description too.

-Don't Comment on the Oneshot book your requests, inbox me because I won't do them if you comment.

- Don't rush me either to get it done. Sometimes I get very busy or tired and don't want to finish yet. I will inbox you when your Oneshot is done. And also don't send the same request twice, because I check my inbox everyday, and I have the one shot request you sent in the first time.

- I do rated r, but not threesomes much anymore.

-Don't keep asking for Oneshots after Oneshots because I tend to get annoyed.

-Don't be picky saying 'that's not what you asked for ' Pretty much being ungreatful for what I completed.

- Don't ask for two or more Oneshots at once.

Thanks. Once again if you don't follow these rules your request will be deleted.