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Scarlet's P.O.V.

Does he really think I'll get jealous? Because that's what it seems like. Hah, him thinking I'll be jealous and think i'll just hop into his arms in a instant. Yeah right.

I acted quickly and grabbed the closest guy near me. I didn't bother to see who it is until I heard his voice.

“Nice to see you come back," He said. That same familiar voice filling my ears.

Just great, him again..

Turning around to face him just in time to see a smug grin appear on his face. “I knew you'd come running back."

“Yeah....bye," I only took a step away from him until he stopped me. Gripping my upper arm, he pulled me in front of him once more.

“Hold up where you going babes?" like he doesn't know where I'm going.

Rolling my eyes I answered,“I'm getting away from you, you ass."

I smiled when I saw the shocked look on his face and sighed. Deciding to just cut gym I walked out knowing where I knew I would go. It was my favorite place that I would go to occasionally.

I didn't bother changing though. What's the point anyway?

Walking in to the cool coffee shop I went up to Mark who wqs currently taking orders. Of course he was surrounded by hormonal girls. Now don't get me wrong Mark is hot but not like him. I would be stupid to not admit it though.

Wiggling past the teens I finally made it to the counter with the exceptions of glares coming from them.

“Hey scarlet, the usaully?" Mark said, flashing me a huge smile. I couldn't help but smile, It's somehow contagious. He's just a few years older than me but is in college. Ever since I started coming here we would chat and he would give me advice. He was almost like a brother I never had.

“You know it." My eyes never leaving his soft Green ones. Of course the stupid girls got all jealous and started asking for his attention. Thank goodness he's not single otherwise that've been horrible. Just listening to him flirting with them.

My body shuddered with disgust just by thinking about it.

“5 minutes Scarly."

“Ugh, stop calling me that. You know I hate that name."

“Well Scarly your usual will be right up." He left the girls and made his way to the back. Turning around I found a window seat.

The smell of coffee and pastries filled the air. The cream colored walls gave the shop a bright cheerful look. The long brown counter on the left of me and the comfortable chairs and booths on the left.

Who knew this would be hard. Finding your mate then having him basically call you out negatively and then completely ignoring you.

Taking out my phone I quickly scrolled down to check my emails. The bell at the door rang and suddenly I could feel someone next to me. I turned my head to the side and raised my head. My breathing stopped once I made eye contact with the stranger. I sniffed and noticed He was a wolf but power was just coming off of him. I stiffened a little but when I saw the smirk playing on his face I relaxed.

Come on, I Have an alpha for a mate. What makes you think you'll be dominant. Rolling my eyes I went back to staring at my phones screen. Not even half way deleting emails he cleared his throat.

Sighing I turned my attention back to him. “May I help you?" I rudely said.

He smiled and showing a Perfect set of pearly whites. “I have a message for you Scarlet."

Whoa. he knows my name? What the hell!!!!!!!

“How do you know my name?" I asked instantly.

“No time for questions baby," I shiver ran down my back but not from pleasure but from fear. “Listen carefully."

He had my complete attention anyway.

“Watch your back Oh and tell Alpha James He said hi." Mystery man said. Hah. complete shit. Like I would do it anyway.

“You'll do it because we're watching you."

We're? who's the we? Ughhh why did this stupid blackmail shit have to happen to me.

“Oh, did you read the note?" He cocked his head to the side and looked at me curiously.

I tensed under his gaze. How did he know about the no-...ohhhh.

“Who are you?"

“Just a huge Encounter." With that he turned around and left the store. My eyebrows knitted together for who knows how long. I was in Deep thought not noticing when Mark brought me my coffee. Three words kept playing inside my head.

A Huge Encounter.


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