Prince (P.O.V. still)

Prod: will y'all just stop stalling and say who y'all like

Ray: No. We won't tell you until you tell us who you like

Me: I can speak for myself

Roc: like y'all act like y'all like one of us if so nasty, our moms if so yuck, or boys which is also nasty.

Like shut the fuck up Roc before i bust a cap up your ass along with my big dick

Roc: O_O ......

Ray/Prod: LMAOOOO nigga you gay

Me: whaaat no I'm not what you talking about I'm not gay

Prod: yes you are. What you just said about Roc isn't gay

Me: hahaha bro it was just a joke you know that right Roc

Roc: umm I guess but i got to go y'all bye *grabs stuff and daps everybody except Prince then leaves*

Damn I just had to say that out loud now my babe left

Ray: aww snap you scared your baby boy away lol

Me: man shut the fuck up and just beat it.

Ray: nobody wants to beat your dick nasty

Me: Nigga I don't like you and you nasty as fuck Ray *that's when I walked out mad as fuck and just left all my stuff in there and just pulled off* like a boss but peace and spread it

Myka's (P.O.V.)

I'm sitting in my room by myself waiting for the owner to come. Why is the owner coming you must ask. Well he's coming to r-r-rape and abuse me. He would rape and abuse me everyday when nobody's around. Ever since I was 4 years old in this foster care the owner would come and get me at 1 o'clock in the morning to come and rape me. Its funny because he would always say how ugly I was and why nobody would adopt me because I was fat and ugly. So if I was so ugly and fat why would he rape me that's just so sick. But I have a plan on breaking out today to get away and never come back But speaking of the devil himself here he comes. PRAY FOR ME

???: you ready dirty rag

Me: .....

???: *punches me in my mouth and eye* you better answer me bitch

Me: yes I'm ready

???: ready for what

Me: for your big dick

???: what else

Me: I'm ready for your big dick papi

???: now that's how I like it. *he grabs me by my hair and drag me to his room like he always does*


Then he slammed me on the bed and started riping my clothes off me and pulling his pants and boxer down then putting a condom on. Next thing you know I just felt something big inside me. I screamed and that's when he smacked me hard then pulled out and kick me in my stomach. And I tell that stuff hurted like hell. But it felt like he grew from yesterday because it didn't hurt as much as yesterday and the way he do it maked me feel like a virgin again. Next thing you know he picked me up and bend me over on the bed and had me hold my virginia with both my hands. so I can spread it for him to get better access in me. Then he just shoved his whole self in me very hard. Then I tried to grad the sheets from the pain but he just grab my hands and put it back on my viginia. Then he started going faster drilling inside me. While I'm crying from all i been through and its bad enough my family didn't want me. That's when I felt more blood slide down my legs. But did he care? NO.1 hour and a half later he cummed in me then took the condom off and fell asleep on the side of me.