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Chapter 1

I flopped down onto my bed with my book, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. I was re-reading the story, after finishing the series a month ago. It had been one of my favorites, and after having just finished the previous book I was now able to open it up once more and dive right in. I was flipping through the pages, trying to find where I had placed my bookmark when I noticed the flap of thick yellow paper that was caught under the jacket of the book.

Sliding it out, I studied it meticulously, frowning. Rarely did I ever get mail, and even more rarely from a book. I sat up, glancing over my shoulder towards the empty doorway.

"Caiden! What's this is in my book?" My voice echoed down the halls, and a few seconds later the sound of my little brother reached me, his bare feet padding softly on the hardwood floor as he walked into my room. Caiden was the usual seven year old, with a missing tooth and a love for all things having to do with technology. He also, after receiving a prank book from a friend for his birthday, had taken a liking to pranking me at every corner.

As he came to sit at the foot on my bed, I held the package up for him to study. He frowned, eyes narrowing as he looked at it before he shook his head.

"Never seen it before. Can I go now?" He asked, obviously eager to get back to whatever tv show he had been watching previously. I shook my head, pressing the envelope closer to him.

"Seriously, Caiden. Do you know what this is?" I pushed, but Caiden shook his head, his lips pulling themselves into a small pout.

"I told you I didn't! What is it, anyways?" He asked, scooting closer to me on the bed. I flipped it over, glancing at the black ink that shimmered slightly in the light.

"Ms. Lily Potter and Mr. Caiden Likion-Potter." I read, keeping my voice soft but loud enough so Caiden could hear me. Caiden perked up slightly, looking pleased.

"They called my Mr!" He said happily, and with a soft laugh I nodded, giving him a small poke in his ribs and smiling when he giggled.

"Doesn't matter. You still sound like a Miss to me." I teased, rolling my eyes as the pout returned, his little arms crossed over his chest.

"That's mean!" Caiden complained, and tipping my head to the side I smiled, lifting a hand to ruffle his sandy-blonde hair good naturedly.

"Alright, little man. If you say so." I said, giving him one last smile before I turned my attention back to the envelope. I opened it slowly, trying not to tear too much of it. Inside was a piece of white paper, small enough that it fit in the envelope without being folded. The handwriting was a loopy cursive, but large enough that it wasn't a pain to try and read.

'To Lily Potter,

Do well, for we depend on you.


"What's it say?" Caiden asked curiously, glancing at it over my shoulder. I read it to him quickly, my frown only deepening as I went over the words again. The initials were familiar, but not something I could place. Sighing, I slid the letter back into the envelope. Perhaps my parents would have answers.

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