Welcome To Miami

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After hours of driving we finally see the Welcome to Miami sign.
My mom said when we get there the movers will have everything settled in and that i started school tomorrow along with basketball try outs.

Next Morning
I woke up earlier ready for school, more of ready for basketball tryouts then anything. I got in my jeep with all black and drove off

15mins later I arrive at my school after searching for a parking spot I pulled up next to a all black Camero

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15mins later I arrive at my school after searching for a parking spot I pulled up next to a all black Camero. There was this stud leaning against the hood with two perfectly tanned girls on each of her arms. As I got out my truck and can feel her eyes staring me down. When I got in the deans office they handed me my new schedule
"Welcome to MBHS Sammy, we're happy to have you here" the nice old lady says while shacking my hand
"Kay! We have a new student why don't you show her around" I waited patiently for this Kay person to come around and moments later this beautiful girl walked up to me and smiled. "Hey I'm Kay, are you ready"  I started at her in amazement as she waves her hand in my face to bring me back to reality "Oh yeah sure let's go" I say in hurry as I open the door for her, she looks at me and chuckles while I turn red full of embarrassment.

"So lockers is here right next to your first period, which is math. You have this class with the rest of the basketball team, you guys will have majority of your classes together" she finishes as she hands me my locker combination and schedule "And in the second building we have the gym and coaches office I wi-" she is cut off by the loud bell " Shoot I can't be late, have one of your team mates show you!" She says as she runs into the stud from earlier and falls down. I run over to help her up while the stud pics up her stuff and hands it to her " Watch where your going next time" The stud growls at Kay. Kay just grabs her stuff and leaves as she scoffs off what just happened. 
As I walk away from the scene to my first pd I see the same girl from earlier following me in the same class, I take it she's on the team which explains her height.

*After School*
Its now basketball practice, the coach introduces me to the rest of the team they all give me warm welcomes EXCEPT the stud from eariler. I don't know what her beef is but she's very rude.
She stands up and turns the other way as she's turned I get a glance of what the back of her jersey says, Butler 27.

Coach puts us in teams, Butler on the opposite. My team is offense,once the i pass the ball Butler comes out of no where and gets MAD CLOSE, like sure thats what shes suppose to do but i feel her breathing on my neck, her private part against my butt and one of her hands on my waist.. Chills are instantly struck through my spine as i catch butterflies in my stomach.

Practice is over and im hella soar. I put my clothes in the back seat then get in, as i look to my left i see Butler strapping in her seatbelt.
I pull out the school as her car is behind mine. " wtf is she doing" i say to myself as i look through my mirrior to see she's still behind me. I speed up a little and turn on my street and guess what?! She's still there!
I slam on my brakes as she does the same. I then get out my car and March up to her driver side....


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