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Pen Your Pride

Before you start reading, please read this important authors note: Hello everyone, I am writing this authors note 4/6/13 A very long time after I first wrote this book. Please note that i started writing this when I was 13, and several words are spelled wrong. Also some terms are not correct with real life (which this is based off a mythology so i don't exactly understand why that matters so much) but oh well... Also some physical features of the characters are based off the movie instead of the book. I started reading the books after I started this series so yes I have read the books but not until I had already done most of the plot etc. Please do not comment saying how its horrible and nothing like the book, because 100s of people have already beat you to that and this is a fan fiction, i based it off of Percy Jackson but that doesn't mean it has to be exactly like the book, this is my version of the story, not Rick Riordan's.

Also please check out my original story, "Shadow"

Thank you for your time.


Aqua's POV

My name is Aqua Jackson, I live in New York City, i've been deprived of something my whole live, actually, three somethings, or someone's. My mother, father, and brother.

My brother and mother live in New York as well. My name is Aqua for a reason, it mean water, for those of you who don't know. The reason i was named something that means water (Aqua) is because, my father is the god of the sea, yes Poseidon.

My mother and father, hid me, from themselves and anyone who would try to hurt me. I am a halfblood or demigod, just like my twin brother Percy Jackson. It is dangerous for Percy and I both, especially to be toghether. It was hard for my mother to give me up, even for my father, it was hard.

I remember it, like it was yesterday.


"We have to give at least one of them up." My mother said. She had jet black hair, it was long, and a little wavy... Her eyes were brown, a dark brown. Also, she was waring a hospital gown, it was white, with tiny, lite blue spots on it.

"Yes, we must, I am so very sorry." Poseidon (My father) said. He had short, lite brown hair, you couldn't really tell if it was straight or not, at least at my age, back then. His eyes were lite blue, like the ocean, you know, cuz he is the god of the sea.

"But, why?"

"You will understand once they get older."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"It will put the children in danger."

"Why must this be so difficult?"

"I'm sorry, but that is just the way it is."

My mother clenched both Percy and I hard, and tried to decide who to keep, and who to give away, probably forever.

"Have you decided?"


"Aright, alright."

My father thought for a minute and then said "Why don't you keep the one who might be in the MOST danger..."

"How about we make it easy..."


"You decide for me."

"Alright, you will keep... Percy."


"Because, Percy will most likely be in the most danger, mostly because, he is my SON." He made sure to say son diffrently, a lot more thought out, even though he didn't hesitate to pick Percy.

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