Chapter Ten

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Just want to say sorry for the late update! I was so busy last week! Oh and happy LATE Halloween!! :)


“Come on Callum. It’s getting late and colder.” I groan loudly. I decided to take Callum trick-or-treating since the Graceford’s don’t allow him. So far he has a pillow sack full of candy and pretty sure it will erupt at any time.

“Just a little longer, Aimee? Pwease!” He puckered his lower lip out and widened his eyes staring at me with the puppy dog face. I sighed softly. Who could say no to that face? I nod and continue walking. Callum stops and runs up a driveway. I pick up my pace a little and my eyes widen at how big the house is. I’ve never noticed this house before. When I reach Callum, he is rapidly knocking on the giant doors and screaming “Trick or treat!” I roll my eyes and continue to walk to Callum. When the door opens a skinny, velvet haired girl dressed as a bunny opens the door. Vivienne.

“Awe! Well aren’t you the cutest little thing in the world! What are you?” She squeals in excitement. I roll my eyes and huff. That’s when she notices me.

“Aimee!” She squeals running out to hug me; ignoring Callum. I stand there awkwardly still holding the giant bag of candy. 

“Is this your son? Little brother?” My mouth drops open in shock. She thinks Callum is my child? What does the think I am?

“No, this is my little brother.” She squeals some more causing a headache to form. This girl is so squeaky.

“Well he is adorable!”

I smile an awkward smile and mumble thanks. She then goes inside the house and calls someone.

“Oh Keegy!” Oh my gosh. Keegan is here? Is fate not on my side anymore? I hope Vivienne knows that he is a murder and wants nothing, but to kill. Maybe I should tell her, but then again I hope she gets killed somehow.

A couple seconds later, Keegan pops up behind her in sweat pants and a white t-shirt; hair in a messy fashion. I scrunch my nose up. They probably were just making out.

“What are you doing here?” We ask at the same time. Vivienne laughs loudly continuously. I roll my eyes. She is such a pain in the you know what.

“He is my boyfriend, dah silly billy! We were just-” Vivienne cuts in.

“Actually, I am mainly here for family dinner. We should be leaving soon.” He says cutting her off. He then walks away and returns with a big plastic bag filled with candy. He hands it to me and my fingers gently brush over his. My heart beat sped up and my body shook for the slightest of seconds. I covered my face so it showed no emotion. Similar to Keegan’s, except I swear I saw his eyes shift to red in the slightest of seconds before turning back to purple.

“Why are your eyes purple?” I ask the question burning in my mind.

“Why should I explain anything to you? You didn’t let me before, so why should I now?” He asks.

“Listen, it was just a question. No need to freak out.”

“Oh, you might want to rethink the one who is freaking out, Aimee.” We stare at each other with hostility in our eyes. The air is thick with tension and it’s hard to decipher who will look away first. Vivienne’s high squeaky laughter breaks the tension and Callum cringes from the noise. What does Keegan even see in this girl?

“Ya’ll are hilarious!” She squeaks some more before becoming serious. “Aimee, you should come to the bonfire tonight. It’s in the woods and many people are coming! It is going to great! Stories and s’mores!” She smiles. “Please come. We want you there. Right Keegy?” She looks at Keegan and he makes a scoffing noise before looking away. “Sure.” He mumbles. Vivienne claps excitedly. “Great! Take cutie here home and we’ll get someone to pick you up!”

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