A Latte Please

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The same blonde walks through the door every week on Wednesday at the exact same time, 2:00.

She usually has a friend or two with her, but not this time. I couldn't help but notice her blue eyes meet my brown ones; a smile tugs at her lips.

As she walks to the counter, a smile still on her beautiful face, I smile in return. She always orders the same thing, a double chocolate chip frappuccino along with a cookie.

Knowing her usual order, I reach for the medium cup size. She lets out a small giggle and shakes her head. My smile only grows.

"I think I want to try something different this time."

Her voice is soft, comforting even. My eyebrows raise in a form of shock as i reach her gaze again.

"And what would that be, miss..?"
I patiently wait for her name.

"Carpenter. Sabrina Carpenter."

I nod, my smile still present. She runs her fingers through her curly hair and her smile widens.

"A vanilla latte, please."
Reaching for the cup, I grab the black marker to write her name.


Carefully writing her name above the Starbucks logo, I feel her stare. I begin to fix her drink with a million thoughts in my mind.

Placing the lid on her drink, I carefully grab the marker once more. Her gaze is on the menu above my head.

I slowly take the cap from the marker and lift her cup. Cautiously, I write four words on the cup under her name.

'I like you a-latte.'

"Your latte."
I hand her the hot cup with the words facing my way.

"Thank you, how much?"

I shake my head softly and give her a small smile.

"It's on me. Have a nice day, Sabrina."
She gently clutches onto the cup.

"I can't let you do that-"
I'm quick to cut her off as she reaches for her money.

"It's perfectly fine. Don't worry about it."
I give her a reassuring smile as she returns an unsure one.

"And you're sure? I don't mind paying at all.."
A small laugh escapes my mouth.

"I am sure. I hope to see you again."
Her posture straightens a bit and a smile forms on her lips once more.

"And you will. Thank you-"
Her eyes glance at the tag clipped on my shirt.


She gives one last smile before walking towards the exit. She lifts the cup to her lips but pulls away just as soon.

As the door closes behind her, I grab a bag and place a cookie in it. She must've forgotten about it.

The door opens seconds later and her blonde hair flies into her eyes as she quickly walks to the counter once more.

Moving her hair from her face, she tries to hide a smile. Noticing this, I also notice the small shade of pink on her cheeks.

"I- um.."

My arm stretches out with her bag and cookie. Her smile breaks through and she quietly giggles.

"Forgot that.."
I nod and she carefully takes the bag from my hands.

"I also forgot to give you this."
A small, folded piece of paper is laid on the counter as she turns around.

Picking the paper up, I unfold it quickly.

'I like you a-latte too. Call me sometime.'

Her number was under the words that brought a smile to my face and a blush to my cheeks.

My gaze travels to the door she just went out of. Through the window she gives me a smile before walking away.

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