(Edited) Chapter 23 Part I

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Chapter Twenty Three


After finishing with 'Never Have I Ever', I decide I've had enough of this party. Sharon surprisingly agrees with me and doesn't try to coax me into staying longer. We call Susan, and ask her to meet us at the parking lot at our car. I feel so queasy right now. I swear I'm never going to drink again.

Ten minutes later, we find ourselves in the parking lot, next to the Ford we came in. Susan isn't here yet. Sharon and I wait outside the car, since the car keys are with Susan. I regret wearing short shorts to this party. Winter is round the corner, and I can feel the cold air against my bare legs, and I just want to get in the car and turn on the heat.

I'm about to dial Susan's cell to ask her where she is when I hear someone walking towards me. I feel someone standing in front of me, their presence looming over me. I look up from the screen of the cell phone clutched in my hand, and am greeted by William's familiar face. His blue eyes seem to twinkle in the dark as he smiles gently at me. I pretend he didn't just give me a mini heart attack.

"H—hi, I hadn't been...expecting you," I murmur, trying to sound unsurprised. Looking at his face inevitably reminds me of the kiss we shared during the game of truth and dare. Well, not shared—more like he kissed me as I stood there motionless, not able to comprehend what's happening.

"Hi," he greets me, passing me a soft smile. "Um...are you leaving?" He asks, when he notices I'm standing next to a car with Sharon. I nod in reply. "So soon?" he asks, surprised.

I shrug. "I have a curfew." Also, I'm sick of this party. I just want go home and curl in my bed.

"Seriously? A curfew? That's so—"

"Lame, I know. But tell that to my mom, why don't you?!"

He looks at me, his expressions a mix of pity and sadness. "Well, at least we go to the same school. Will I see you around?"

"If you'll keep your eyes open, you will," I reply cheekily. Great, alcohol also makes me sassy. "Anyway, what are you doing here? Is there something...?" I trail off.

He nods. "Actually yes, first, I wanted to apologize for kissing you like that out of the blue. I hope you're not mad or anything. It was just a dare." I look at him pointedly. "I'm not denying that I didn't want to kiss you though." Against my better judgment, I laugh. He visibly relaxes, knowing I'm not angry. "Second, I wanted to ask you for your number."

My eyes widen. I'm not sure I want to exchange numbers with him. I mean sure, he's a nice guy and once upon a time, I used to have a crush on him. But that's a thing of the past. I don't like him like that anymore. Do I really want to get involved with him? Even if it's as a friend? Before I can make up my mind, Sharon grabs my phone, and hands it over to William. "Here, type in your number," she says.

I stare at her, wide-eyed. What even...

He doesn't need to be told twice. He does just that, and then gives himself a missed call using my phone, so that he has my number. I stare at my phone in dismay. I feel like I've lost control of everything, like everything has slipped out of my clutches Oh Sharon's so going to get it! I glare at her. Why do my friends think it is okay to meddle in everything I do? Why do they think they need to push me into everything?

Sharon smirks. She knows I won't get mad at her, at least not in front of William. I turn to William, who smiles at me when he notices I'm looking at him. Then suddenly his face becomes a mask of seriousness, and he steps forward, gently taking my hand in his. He brings my hand to his mouth, pressing his lips softly onto my knuckles.

"I just want you to know that I'm glad I met you tonight. I had a lot of fun talking to you, and I hope to see you around." His blue eyes trap me in their gaze. Then without another word, he turns around and walks away.


(To Be Continued...)

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