Chapter Fourteen

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^Picture of little Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler (isn't he cute??) and the song is opening one for Black Butler. Watching the show oddly helps me get into Hook's character.

"A wandering soul?" I asked uneasily as I studied Hook closely.

He stared back at me, his jade eyes swimming in sadness.

"Yes," he said softly, "I was not always a ruffian pirate, you know. I used to be a great scholar, and everyone believed I would do wonderful things." He paused dramatically as he took a deep breath. "I guess they were all wrong about me in the end," he laughed bitterly before continuing, "Now look at me, the Magnificent James Hook, chasing after that fairy tale of a boy."

He stood then and moved around the fire. Hook dug around in satchel before pulling a gleaming flask from it, identical to the one discarded on the ground. He unscrewed the top, threw it aside, and took a generous swig from the flask.

"Why would you tell me this?" I asked as I rose to my feet. "Out of all of the children Pan has taken, why me?"

He swipped his mouth on his sleeve before coming to stand before me.

"You are impossibly different from the rest." If it was possible, his accent was even thicker, his words one slurred mess.

I sighed as frustration built within me. How was I any different from the next girl?

It wasn't until Hook spoke up again that I realized that I had asked that out loud.

A drunken laugh bubbled out of him. "You, my dear, are very special indeed. Why, just by a glance, and one can tell." He took another swig from his flask before continuing. "You weaken Peter's defenses like no other has. You might simply be his biggest burden." He slurred out on a single breath.

My brows knitted together. I knew I was a burden to Pan, but how could I possibly weaken him? He despised the very sight of me!

I shook my head at the pirate. "You're insane." I said softly.

Another drunken laugh came from his throat.

"You foolish girl." He said with a slow shake of his head.

I backed away from him as he advanced towards me, his emerald eyes glowing fiercely in the firelight.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me close. So close that I could smell the rotten ale on his breath.

"Don't you see?" He said wildly. "With you as my key, I can finally destroy that wretched boy once and for all!"

He laughed maniacally before wrapping his arms around me in a suffocating hug. Hook cradled me to him as one would a precious child.

I tried to jerk away, only for him to bring me in closer, hold me tighter.

I spoke up, my voice soft, "There's only one problem with your grand theory."

He glanced down at me, his eyes wide with curiosity. He nodded frantically for me to continue.

I swallowed, slowly gathering my courage for this onslaught. "I would never dare to hurt Pan like that!" I nearly shouted in his drunken face.

Hook jerked away from me as if I had burned him with a hot fire poker.

His eyes burned hotly as he grasped my shoulders tightly in his large, rough hands. He began to shake me harshly. "Why would you not?" He demanded angrily. "He is too demented to be kind to anyone! As we speak, he is most likely torturing those poor boys that follow him like puppies!"

"No," I said quietly, dispelling whatever nonsense he had to spew as he continued to shake me violently back and forth.

Pan wouldn't hurt his boys...would he? He treasured them, treated them with the best a boy could give them. They were his very life. Why would he harm that?

But Hook wasn't listening to me as he continued on his assault. "Why will you not help them, Wendy? Do you not hear their frantic pleas? They are calling to you, Wendy! All you have to do is save them! Be the hero of this story!"

The hero? How was I to be the hero when I couldn't even save a silly stuffed bear?

I was useless to save them! If they even needed my help at all!

"Stop!" I screamed. I wasn't Wendy!! I wasn't Pan's hero. And I couldn't help those boys! No matter how hard they pleaded. "Stop, stop, stop!" I shouted as I finally jerked myself away from Hook's crushing grip.

"Stop." I whispered quietly as tears built around the corners of my eyes.

They blurred my vision so much that I missed the softening of Hook's drunken eyes as he stood watching me.

I just wanted to go back home!! Back to the U.S.! Back to dreaded London for all i cared! I just desperately wanted away from here! Away from Pan, Hook, and the all of Neverland! At least back in London all I had to worry about was fitting into my new school and decorating my new room.

I collapsed onto the ground near the warm fire as hot tears poured down my cheeks.

A choking sob echoed from me as I brought my knees to my chest. I wrapped my arms around them and rocked back and forth with tears dripping down onto my pajamas.

I was so absorbed in my tears and homesickness that I didn't feel his arms until they were holding me securely against him.

Another sob racked my body as Hook held me close, the only witnesses being the darkened Never forest and the bright ivory moon.

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