Chapter 1

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"Get your shit and get the FUCK OUT!!! "

I couldn't do nothing but look at her in disbelief. Like how could somebody own mama throw them out, knowing they ain't got no where to go. Plus with a baby, honestly I don't think this lady love me.

I felt my eyes began to water but I quickly wiped them. I refused to cry.

"You think I'm playing? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE DREEKA" she said walking towards my room.

I nodded my head and followed her into my room. I grabbed my bag and my son and left.

Man I straight can't believe she picked that nothing ass nigga over her own daughter, the one she gave birth to, the one she carried in her stomach for 9 fucking months, her only child at that. Her boyfriend Duke been trynna get with me every since he came around and the first time I tell her she take his word over mind.

I rocked Jordan in my arms as he let out quiet whines. He only 1 and so oblivious to all this shit going on around him. I promised myslef I would never EVER do my child like my mama did me. We always had a rocky relationship, my daddy left us when I was 8 and every since then she been on and off drugs. Letting niggas in and out of her life but I stuck around cause that's my mama. No matter how she did me I just couldn't do her like that, I love that lady.

I looked up when I saw my friend Kelsey pull up. I grabbed my bag and tightened my grip on Jordan as I jogged up to her car.

"Hey boo" she said as I buckled Jordan in the car.

I just gave her a weak smile as I slid in the front seat of her car. Kelsey's my best friend, we've known each other since we was jits. She knew everything from my dad leaving, to my mom being on drugs, she was the first person I told when I was pregnant with Jordan.

She shook her head looking over at me "ugh unnn, I'm sorry but yo mama is wrong on so many levels" .

I nodded my head and laid my head against the window as we rode in silence to her house.

"Okay so here's a cover" Kelsey said walking in the bathroom.

I looked over my shoulder still washing Jordan up and motioned for her to put in the room. She came back in and leaned against the sink.

"So you know you can stay here for how ever long you need to, you my girl and I got chu"

I grabbed the dry towl off the toilet getting Jordan out of the tub "I really appricate it Kelsey, I really do"

She followed me into the guest room "I'm here for you girl"

"Thanks" I said drying Jordan off.

"Okay so I gotta work tonight, so just make yo self at home. I should be back around 3 or something" she ssid walking out of the room.

I looked down at my phone and saw that it was 9:56pm. Kelsey was a dancer at some strip club, I really didn't know much about it. I don't judge her I mean if that's yo hustle then hey. She was doing good for her self only to be 19. But me I couldn't see myslef being 19 dancing at somebody's strip club, once I finish my last year of school I was certain to go to college. I don't care if it's a community college. College is college.

I changed into some shorts and a tank top and put Jordan on a onesie and cuddled up next to him while we watched Bupple Guppies til we fell asleep.

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