.:Chapter Five: Whispers:.

"You've grown up so much, angel."

That is definitely not Liam.

This voice is deeper, more masculine and bordering on frightening. I stand with my back facing the stranger, fear surging through my body and body tense as a board. Crap, I'm going to die. I just know it, Liam led me here to die at the hands of some killer. I shouldn't have followed Liam here, I barely met him, and he's practically a stranger. I really should start listening to my mum; never talk to strangers.

"Why so . . . cold, Niall?" the man asks with a low chuckle. "Haven't you missed me at all?"

What? I'm supposed to recognize him?

An ice cold finger trails down my throat unexpectedly, causing my body to tense up even more, his voice right next to my ear. "No? I suppose not, we never met in person, but I was always watching you, hoping for a chance to have you all alone for a few minutes." A finger prods a spot at my neck, exactly where IT is, "unfortunately for me, your protector was around you day and night. Keeping you safe. Good for you, bad for me. He didn't allow me to be anywhere near you, the bastard. I don't know why he didn't just take you for himself the moment he had you, but he was a youngster, vulnerable to human children." Something cold and wet touched my skin and I jerk slightly in horror. "Especially one as sweet and alluring as you."

My heart beats frantically, palms sweaty and shaking while my mind is trying to process the information. Nothing makes sense, unless . . .

"W-what are you?" I ask timidly, voice cracking near the end.

His mouth, which I have now realized is on my neck, moves as he speaks. "Oh," I feel his mouth turn up into what could be a smirk. "So, you have no idea what's going on."

"Please, leave me alone." I plead in a whisper, shaking in fright.

His lips move closer and closer to the same spot where his finger is, a low growl resonating through the otherwise empty room. "Damn that kid, he's still keeping you safe from me. No matter, I can think of other ways to enjoy you."

I'm frozen in place, still processing his words when his hands start slipping down my chest slowly. That's when I snap. I may not know what's going on fully, but I sure as hell don't want to be touched.

"Get the fuck off me!" I yell and flail my arms around wildly, doing anything to keep his dirty hands off me.

I'm screaming my head off, yelling obscenities at the man while pulling on his arms and hair to pry them off of me. Unfortunately, my actions have no effect on him, he doesn't even budge an inch. It's as if I'm not even moving.

"Stay still, angel." The man suddenly croons next to my ear, and I freeze once again. Angel. There it is again, that damned 'nickname'. As if the man and the situation isn't bad enough, that horrid word just adds to the nightmare. "Good boy, now if you don't want to be punished, you do as I say. Got it?"

Shivers run up my spine. "Yes."

His hands unwrap from around my body giving me breathing space. "Good. Now turn around. This will be quick and . . . painless. If I can't have you, then neither will that boy."

This is it. The moment of my death. I just hope he was being truthful about it. Easy and painless.

Taking a deep breath to calm my wild nerves, I square my shoulders and hold my head up high. I will not die without a fight. I am not an angel nor a good boy. Especially not for this psycho.

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