Chapter XXII- Oblivion

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With both opponents shields broken, Anakin felt waves of dizziness from pure exhaustion. All sense of the Force was gone, like he was a battery that had been completely drained of energy. He was too tired to even feel the Force, as it seemed that it had gone silent, and not a buzzing hum at the back his mind like always.

In reality, it had only been a few seconds since the blue, light rays spread across the galaxy, but time appeared to slow down, almost so slow that there were fuzzy noises that Anakin heard. They sounded all slurred and distorted.

Some figures approaching, looked all blurry and he couldn't tell who they where, but by the looks of it, there were many beings—Mostly Jedi.

One stood out from the crowd, though. If Anakin could search through the living Force, he would probably find that the person showed a combination of astonishment, awe, slight fret, but also deep concern, worry and shock.

The person was Obi-Wan.

With a harsh stir of the ground, his legs gave in, making him collapse—hanging on the verge of consciousness—just before his mentor rushed forward in front of the many faces to seize his impact with the stone, by holding an arm around the younger man's shoulders.

Anakin finally lost the internal fight for awareness, so he simply let his knees drop, as Obi-Wan steady him, but it was useless to remaining awake, since all he had the power to do was let oblivion wash over forcefully.


Aftermath of Fire and Ice in the Sky. Rhetorical questions will have to wait, because I'm going to post a new chapter about Obi-Wan's POV through all this soon, and then the finale will come on the weekend :)

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