The Beginning Part 1

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All Right's Reserved. 2016 Imastupididyut (Lyn A.C.H)
All names are purely imaginational and have no bearance on anyone living or sadly having passed on. This is my story and I claim all rights to it including all  parts.

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Mary's (Rascal) POV...

Closing the door behind me, I dropped the keys onto the table just inside the front door and kicked off my shoes flexing my toes and feet on the carpet square nearby which I usually do when I finish work for the day. Then I shrugged out of my jacket and draped it over the closest lounge as I passed it by on my way through to the kitchen where I headed straight for the kettle.

Picking it up, I moved to the sink and turning the tap on for a moment to 'clear it's throat', then I half filled the water chamber before putting it back onto it's stand and then turning it on. Then pulled out a teacup and saucer and placed it near the kettle then reached for the teapot and spooned in a couple of spoons of loose tea.

I happen to like my loose tea and much prefer it over tea bags any day. The flavour is much different and the bags can't hold candles to the taste of real tea. 'One for each person and one for the pot'  Nan says.

She's not really my Nan but she's just as good as and she adopted us when Aunt Annie married our uncle James. Thinking of them always brings a smile to my face, always.

Afer pouring my cuppa, I turned to walk over to my favourite chair near the window that looks out into the garden. Pulling my feet up under me as I sat down, I sat there looking at the afternoon sun that was peeking through the tress into the garden. It looked so pretty when it did that.

I was so tired after the last few weeks filling a couple of special orders for a bridal shower coming up next weekend and tomorrow. The brides have finally approved the favours and after payment was received, I shipped them off after packing them up for shipping.

I like a happy customer.

So I guess you have guessed it. I am a business woman. An independent sole trader is what we are called when it's just us that runs the business from the ground up... and I do it all on my own. I got hooked into the business by accident and it's all Aunt Annie's fault.

She use to tell us stories about her grandmother when she was little and one of them had me wanting to know more about it and learning more about it. I have to admit that I was scared spitless when I made my first batch, but after that I couldn't stop.

Dad said I had it sitting everywhere and even after gifting a lot of it away as gifts, there was still lots left over so he suggested going and getting a stall at the local markets. That's what started my own business today. But I haven't said what I am, have I?

I am a soapmaker. I make soap, both liquid and solid soaps of a few various kinds and obviously I'm not too bad at it.

I'll never be like the large commercial soap making companies and I don't want to be either. I'm happy being a little fish. But I'm tired since I have had to do it all from the ground up including the accounting which I hate with a passion.

But as I mentioned earlier, I'm tired from being very busy so I am having this weekend off. Well, that's the plan and I'll try and stick to it. But it's hard because soapmaking is addictive once you start, very addictive.

So laying my head back against the lounge, I closed my eyes and just sat there thinking about what I did not want to do this weekend and what I should do, like the paperwork I hate. I did mention that, I know.

After finishing my cuppa, I slowly unravelled myself from my chair and climbed up off the seat to stretch my arms up to the ceiling groaning with each click and crack my body made. Then I walked into the hall that lead into the bedroom area of my house making my way to my bedroom where I'm going to have a shower and change into some really comfy clothes.

I usually only wear comfy clothes when I'm working but when I'm physically dealing with customers, I dress myself up in business clothes. I am a professional business woman and I need to look the part.. sometimes.

It took me fifteen minutes to finish showering and after getting dressed in some trackies and a tank top, I went to pick up my bag and keys and walked out the door. I'm going to visit my mum and dad.

They live in the same place they bought not long after we moved to Orange. It's on the other side of town so it will take a few minutes to get over there through the afternoon traffic which has steadily grown worse over the past few years.

Pulling up out the front, I also noticed that Uncle James or Aunt Annie is here which is great. I like them and I have to be the first to say that they are my favourite people after mum and dad, so grasping the door handle, I twisted and turned it opened to hear some excited voices carry through to the front door where I was.

"Hello. I'm home." I yell into the noisy mix as I made my way over to give mum and Aunt Annie a kiss each.

"You look tired, Love." Mum said to me as she was giving me one of her mother checkups which consisted of her looking me up and down a few times to make sure that I'm in perfect condition.

"Been busy filling orders and delivering orders and dealing physically with customers and their orders and I am whipped." I said to them as I made my way into the kitchen to make myself another cuppa tea. Mum uses tea bags which I think is a shame. She doesn't want to deal with loose tea leaves.

"What had you all excited when I came in?" I asked them as I waited for the kettle to boil.

"Jenny and Daniel will be home in a few days. But they are going straight to Armidale to see Nan and Poppa. They have some things of Nans that had accidently gone with aunty Vi's George when they went back after the funerals back in the fifties. Joy is also excited they are coming back but what really had everyone amazed was that their friend Donna is alive. " Mum was saying as I stirred my freshly poured tea.

"Then why didn't she come forward ages ago?" I asked  as I sipped my tea.

"She couldn't. It seems that she had been assaulted when Jarrod had been killed and left for dead. She was in a coma for a long time and when she came out of it, she didn't know who she was. She suffered a lot of pain over the years and it wasn't until recently that she started to remember. But guess what, she was pregnant with Jarrod's son when all that business happened. It's all exciting up there at the moment." Aunt Annie was saying to me.

"But that's not all. The triplets have a younger sister. But something has happened where she's concerned and Jenny isn't saying whatever it was, but her and Daniel weren't happy about it." Annie was saying with a frown.

"Jenny's whole family have decided to come out for an extended visit to Australia and if they like it, they'll be immigrating out here. It won't be too hard for them either since they all have duel citizenship to make it a lot easier." Mum was then saying.

"That will be nice for Jen I suppose. I've missed her." I mentioned, thinking of my friend.

Jenny may only be about nine years older than me, but we've become really good friends over the years. I can still remember the first time I met her when we were on a flight back home from America where we went to our uncles wedding.

Jenny was with her mother coming back to Australia but going to the Territory. After stopping in Brisbane and meeting up with Aunty Annie, uncle James and Nan and Poppa, it was decided that we would be going on to the territory with Jenny for a visit.

It helped a lot too that Nan and Jenny's Mum were very old friends that hadn't seen each other in decades. Jenny's mum was Georges wife and a friend of Bobby Joifield when he was married to Nan. Finding out all those  details has been very exciting in the whole family, especially finding out that uncle Bobbie had a twin who was kidnapped at the same time that Bobby and Jarrod had died.

Now that's a story worth knowing about.

Poppa was even involved as well and was there when everything happened supposedly caused by a psychotic ex girlfriend who wouldn't leave them alone. In fact, it has just came out that the psycho's sister was also involved and Jarrod acknowledged that it was the sister that had raised him all these years till she disappeared.

Anyway, life has certainly become very interesting lately about the place. I wonder what new things it will bring to this family of ours.

I wonder what it will bring to me?

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