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Anna Moore
Baltimore Maryland
May 2, 2016
Age 23

"shut up please! " I said to jayla as she kept on crying because she could not get a cigarette i hate this place but as the year went on i got use to it so you can say I less hate it

right now I am at lunch with my friends some people would call use crazy but hear at shaperd prat we are not aloud to use those words

anyway like I was saying me and my friends were at lunch jayla is in a wheel chair she was in the army she don't like to talk about it but she is really emotional

"I really can not wait for the day I get out of hear "my friend IJ said she is vary violet if she do not get her way all hell will break loose especially if she don't take her medicine

"me to im ready to go home and eat some real food real shit"Regina said as she drunk some of her water now Regina she is bipolar but if you call her that she will either say nothing to you or rip your head off

"lucky for me I have been doing good I have not had a dream about him nor have I seen him as long as I take my medicine I will be going home soon"I said as I took a bite of my sandwich

The bell rung which means that lunch was over the people who been hear a long time went to the game room and the new people would have to go back to there room with there nurse until you were stable to the point they could trust you to be on your own

when we got to the game room everybody was playing bingo and I set next to Regina on my right and a boy named August on my left he really dose not talk if he do its only to girls well pretty girls I try to stay away from him most girls he talk to end up missing well at least we never see them no more

As the game went on it must of been my lucky day I kept winning I mean back to back "dang she cheating!!"some random girl yelled out

"no im not and bitch you need to mind your Fucking business with ya scary ass"I said as I turned back around in my seat everybody was laughing I was to

when bingo was over I had to stay and clean up after the bingo game because of me cussing they be acting like we in middle school I swear, I let out a loud sigh at my thought as I separated the stuff

"late night working huh"I heard as I turned around to see August standing in the door way "uh yea even though its not that late "I said as I put some of my hair behind my ear

"you know your vary beautiful "he said as he came and set next to me"thanks"I said i could not help but blush its been a while since someone has ever called me that

"so do you need help"he said as he let out a soft sigh"yeah I mean if you want to"I said as I looked up at him with a warm toothless smile

"so what got you hear"he asked as he helped me put the stuff in each box"well it a long story im shore you don't wanna hear it "i said as I rolled my eyes "I do wanna hear it that's why I asked" I let out a hard sigh before telling him

"ok, I can see and speak to the dead "I said as he just looked at me like I was crazy "how , like I have so many damn questions "he said as a smile creeped on his face he is the first person who has every thought my mental problem is a good thing and I got to tell you it felt good

"Well I can't see every ghost but only one "i said as the thought of chris popped in my head letting a tear to go down my face i quickly wiped it away

"and who is that one person"he ask looking at me for an answer "my ex boyfriend but ever since I got hear and been taking my medicine I have not been seeing him, you know as a ghost".

"I have one more questions is it really a ghost or is you mind just playing tricks on you?"he asked with a heartfelt smile "see I really don't know but it felt so real all of it but people just say no your just crazy"I said as a tear dropped out of my eyes onto the table

"its ok to cry and if it helps I don't think your crazy "August said as he wiped my tears off my face with his thumb "thanks "I said he pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head it felt good to talk about what I was going through he reminded me of chris so much

After me and August had our little cry party well me anyways it was dinner time and I was sitting with my friends at our usual table when the lady came over to use as we took our pills

"oh yeah Anna were was u for the past 5 hours and couple of minutes" Regina asked as she put her pill in her mouth then drinking her water

"cleaning up bingo"I said as I drunk some of my water to help wash down my pill "it don't take no 5 hours to clean up bingo so Anna were was you"Regina asked again "damn stop Fucking asking me your not my mother "I said raising my vice a little "I never said I was I was just trying to look out for you your like my sister and don't think just because your older than me by 2 months you can talk to me like that because remember i am taller and would beat your ass out of the kindness of my Hart of course " we all started laughing at the fact we fuss over the dumbest shit

when dinner was over we took our showers and went to our room I was in my bed when I heard the last bell of the day go off much means everyone room is locked down

as I looked at the ceiling I started to remember the day my brother got mad at me for the dumbest thing ok so this what happen........

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*will anna date August ?
*why is August in a mental home?
*is anna really crazy?

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