Tick Tock - 7 | ii

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Penny had to be smart about moving through the city. She stuck to roofs, staying out of sight in the morning, picking up her hunt at night sticking to the shadows. In her pursuit for Sven, Penny followed the tiny residues of shadow magic to the source. Though faint, the trace was the newest lead she had in finding Sven. She followed it to the heart of the city. To the heart of Pentorium. Whomever Penny found would have had contact with the man recently. She stayed in the shadows and waited.

A man came out of the building walking briskly down the steps to the sidewalk as he spoke on his phone. He wore a sensible black business suit and carried a silver briefcase in his free hand. There was a town car parked at the curb and waiting by the open passenger door was the driver. Penny turned her head to the side, her ear in the direction of the man as she listened.

"Testing went well," he relayed to the person on the other end of the line. "We finally have active samples. I am heading to you now."

He hung up as he got into the car.

"Good night Mr. Passerini," the driver said.

Penny snarled.

The driver closed the door when Passerini got inside. She followed the car out of the city and into the suburbs. Stretches of property set the houses apart. Open areas Penny had to be careful to navigate without anyone seeing.

The property was massive. At the front gate and walking the property were guards. Shadow magic was powerful here. She stayed along the outer edge, positioning herself downwind so her scent would not give her away. Nothing would give her more pleasure than to storm the mansion and kill everything and everyone inside. Sven would come back in weeks, and she would track him down and do it all again.

She was about to go over the side fence and into the main grounds when she felt another presence. A whisper at the back of her neck. She felt more than heard the voice.

"Penny. We need you."

That was all the voice said. She knew who it was.

Penny moved to ignore the call but stopped. Torn between her need for revenge and her loyalty to Marx, Penny had to make a choice. She leaped over the fence, not attempting to hide the sound of her assault on the men guarding the grounds. With all of them down Penny went to the front of the house. She walked up the steps to the front door. Using her claws, she raked four long furrows along the sturdy, stained oak. Sven would live tonight, but that mark was her promise that soon she would kill him again.


Ichiro was hanging on to life by a breath. Martha, determined to keep him alive did everything she could. He was now back at the house, the room he shared with Shea cluttered with books, scrolls, scraps of papers. Martha had a book in hand going through the pages mumbling without sound.

By the window, Shea stood gazing up at the moon. It was driving her crazy that there was nothing left for her to do. She had gone through all the options she had to save Ichiro. The first was to give him her blood, but Martha told her that would only make matters worse. The second was to try the same magic Sven used on Barabbas. Death runes that could bring Ichiro back to life as it had her psychopathic ex. Ava, however, did not have the power to make those runes. That news did not go over well with Shea. The third option was to have Ichiro changed into a werewolf. Only two others could do that considering Ichiro was not a pure heart. The first being Sven and the second being Penny.

Ava admitted that she sent a message out to Penny long before the attack. Since they could not track the beast that was the only method they had at their disposal. Ava was not too confident that it worked.

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