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The last customer went out the coffee shoo while Haerin was wiping that tables in the coffee shop, it was almost time to close. Haerin was wiping the counter table and someone entered the coffee shop. While wiping the table she says to the customer,

"I'm sorry, we're closing right now, please come again later."

The person says,

"I'm sorry, but I want my coffee now."

Haerin drops the towel and turns around to see the customer.


There, standing at the entrance, was Yoongi. Yoongi smirks and steps closer to Haerin.

"Annyeong, its been a long time, how's life?"

Haerin steps back as he steps closer.

"D-Don't come closer..."

"Why are you so afraid of me? Do you have something you're hiding from me or what?"

When Yoongi said that, the first thing that popped up in Haerin's head was Jiwoon.

"I-I have n-nothing-I-I'm not hiding anything!"

Yoongi walks closer to Haerin. Haerin steps back until she is trapped between the countertop and Yoongi. Yoongi traps Haerin between his arms and he leans in.

"Are you sure you're not hiding anything? Anything like..."

Yoongi leans in , making their faces inches away. Yoongi leans in on her ear and he whispers,

"Something like...a child?

Haerin's eyes widen and she gasps and she says,

"H-He's not yours!"

Yoongi laughs and says,

"I didn't ask you if you had a child or not, but most importantly, I didn't ask you if the child was mine or not...wanna explain something?"

Haerin realizes what she has done and she kicks Yoongi in his manhood and she quickly turns off the lights in the cafe and grabs her purse and locks the door, once Yoongi gets out the doror will Lock immediately.

Haerin runs out just to make sure Yoongi doesn't follow her. Yoongi quickly gets out of the cafe and chases after her, but he makes sure she doesn't see him. Haerin arrives at her house, she gets the keys to her house and opens the door. But, before she could close the door, Yoongi stops the door from closing with his feet. Yoongi says,

"Do you think I'd let you go that easily?"

Suddenly, a little boy talks from the inside,

"Eomma, whos is dis?"

Haerin says to Jiwoon,

"Jiwoon-ah, go back, where's uncle Chanyeol at? "

"He's in batroom."

Haerin looks at Yoongi and Yoongi was silent. Suddenly Yoongi pushes the door open with force making Haerin fall. With worry, Jiwoon goes to his mother.

"Eomma! Are you Kay!"

Jiwoon looks at Yoongi and says to him,

"Bad guy-! Appa?!"

Yoongi looks at him in surprise, so does Haerin. Jiwoom runs into Yoongi's arm. Yoongi says to Jiwoon,

"How-how'd you know its me?!"

"Eomma show me pictur of daddy at old house."

Yoongi looks at Haerin and says,

"You showed him my picture...does this mean you still-"

Suddenly someone comes and runs to Haerin's side.

"Haerin!? are you okay!?"

"C-Chanyeol...I'm fine.."

Chanyeol looks in front of him and sees Yoongi and he says,

"Who is this?"

"He's just-"

Yoongi cuts Haerin's sentence and he says,

"I'm the biological father of Jiwoon, who are you?"

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