That's all Beth could see as she moved her head around, feeling something cut deeply into her wrists. All she thought was that she was going to die, that Daryl, Rick, Carl, Maggie, Hershel and Aislynn would never come for her.

That they were going to leave her all alone, forever.

"I'll be back later," the Governor said from near her as he pulled on his clothing and she wept softly. "Are you hungry?"

Beth didn't reply.

She was going to have to find a way out. But not her, not ever could she do that. And definitely not without someone else's help.




Daryl rolled over in his bed, hoping to find Beth next to him but she wasn't there; the sheets were cold. Grunting, he leant up in bed, finding Aislynn on the bed next to him.

"I'm sorry about Beth Greene-"

Daryl interrupted her- "Dixon."

Aislynn nodded, muttering a surprised "Oh" and asking her cousin if he was hungry before leaving. Daryl fell back on the bed, his eyes burning from tiredness after three hopeless days without sleep. Where ever they had taken Beth, it wasn't Woodbury. The whole place was overrun with hungry walkers and the group knew better than to risk it if they knew they weren't there.

"Daryl?" Rick said from the door of the cell, as Daryl rubbed at his eyes, growling "Wha'?"

Rick shook his head and walked in, sitting on the bed Aislynn had been on just minutes ago. "I don't know if we'll find her but Carol found this. A ring?"

He stared and snatched it from the sheriff, closing his fingers around it and closing his eyes tightly. "It's the girl's-"

"Beth," Rick corrected. "I don't want you to give up just yet, okay? She's still alive, Daryl, and we will find her. Her name is Beth, not girl or little girl. I've lost my wife, we won't lose yours." Rick tried to tell him but Daryl scoffed.

"Yu' really think she's still alive?" Rick nodded, "I know for a fact you haven't slept since she's been gone and I hear you calling out her name at night-" he paused then added quietly, "We all have. Even Maggie and Hershel, everyone. Aislynn's been crying for god knows how long because she wants you back, says you aren't the same without Beth and she needs you. She has Carl but she's needs family. We don't sleep at all when we hear you at night, crying and whimpering empty talk. We'll get her back."

Daryl nodded slowly then called after Rick, "I fuckin' proposed to her," he said, not expecting a reply but Rick smiled at him sadly and sat back down.

"She loves you."

Beth whimpered, calling Daryl's name as she cried. Warm liquid wormed its way up her throat as she vomited again, wiping her mouth on her shoulder.

"Daryl!" she yelled, feeling more warm bile climb up her throat and the hefty laugh of the Governor as he watched her struggle and cry. "DARYL!" she screeched, as her kidnapper moved slowly towards her smiling menacingly.

Placing a hand over his mouth, he whispered gently into her ear: "We're making a trade today, so they can get you back. Would you like to see your family?" he asked, still amused at her as she struggled to push off his weight, crying. Beth nodded quickly, afraid her voice would display weakness if she talked aloud.

"Good, now, just one last time- Do you love me?" he questioned.

Beth wanted to scream, to cry but forced the thoughts from her head and shook her head, feeling something warm dribble down her cheek as he brought his knife upon her skin.

"NO," she screeched. "STOP, PLEASE!"

He continued to laugh, slapping her cheek with such force she felt her a sharp sting and almost tumbled backwards if it wasn't for the chair she was strapped to.

"That's a shame," he said laughing, "Do you have a lover?" he asked as if he was hoping she would.

Beth stared, preparing for another bashing like the day before when she'd refused to eat the food he offered, then later forced her to by holding her down. She avoided his glance and turned her attention to the door, screaming Daryl's name again before feeling her vision go black as her head fell limply.

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