Chapter 1: First Encounter

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"All newcomers, please head to the training room for combat skills evaluation, Thank You." The speaker blasted through the hallways of S.H.I.E.L.D Academy. The academy which was not the place for ordinary people. You should be at least a superhuman, incredibly skilled, enhanced or is a genius to get in there. It's the place to train to be the best. They always do evaluations to new students to decide which division they are in, the STRIKE Team, BUS Team, Scientists, Field Agents, Avengers Initiative, and a list of other divisions.

Steve just got here, and was already dazed with all the fancy techs and the maze of hallways of the academy. After the whole defrosting and waking up in a different century thing, he got a heck of things to keep up with. He was still feeling guilty, sad, and shocked when he found out all his friends are gone and that he was the only one who's alive. Still, he moved on with his life and joined S.H.I.E.L.D Academy even though he insists Fury that he doesnt need to train anymore as he still remember how to fight.

He went inside the capacious training room, and find only few new students in there. A few. Only few, since the acceptance rate of the academy is even lower than any other top universities in the world. He set his stuff on the bench and started to do some stretching and warm ups.

"Good Morning, today the director of S.H.I.E.L.D himself will be witnessing the evaluation process, so show us if you are worthy to be part of this academy," Coulson said walking in with Director Fury and his all black outfit close behind.

"First up-" Coulson was cut by the entrance of no other than Tony Stark and his iron suit. Loud music blasting from his suit. Steve immediately recognize him as Howard Stark's narcissistic, billionaire, genius son.

"Stark, you do know that tardiness is intolerable in the academy," Fury finally spoke up, glaring at Tony who just landed right beside him. "Hey, ease up man, I wasn't late, everybody else is simply early," he quipped and took his seat between the girls in the front row.

"First up, is hand-to-hand combat, I'll choose your sparring partner, and you will only stop if Fury or I instruct you to do so, but please, don't kill each other," Coulson instructed. Steve watched the others fight, and boy oh boy, he should admit, everybody is incredibly skilled. Then, his turn came.

"Rogers, you go against Romanoff." Steve stood up and looked around to find that his opponent was one gorgeous redhead with a confident stride.

"I'm sorry, I really don't want to hurt you," Steve apologized in advance being the gentleman he is.

"I wouldn't stress about it," she replied with a smirk before punching his arm and twisting it, then throwing a kick and strangled his neck with her legs. Steve easily get her off and slammed her onto the mattress. But she seems unbothered and got up right away. They resumed their fight, throwing kicks and punches at each other, the fight getting more and more intense each minute, their fight earned some "woah" and nods from the spectators including Fury and Coulson.

"Alright, that's enough," Fury stopped them before the fight get more intense. Steve glanced at her before returning to his seat, amazed by her fighting skills. He never seen a woman fight like that. Not even Peggy.

Yet, she didn't fail to surprise him again with her gun shooting skills and her "Widow's Bites". Although other candidates are also powerful, able to do telekinesis, vibrate things, control electricity, but the redhead was the only one who stands out to Steve.

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