Chapter I

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"So y/n how's it feel being hunted down day and night by the CCG being accused of being me?" Rize asked smiling.

"Shut up." You growled.

"Well looks like your in a foul mood, you know, I wish I was you. It would be a dream. Being a rare half ghoul! What a bite!" she said.

"SHUT UP!" You screamed.

"Oh feisty?" a voice said. Rize smiled and looked at you.

"Time to go." she whispered.

"Ah Fuck you." you whispered.

And she left.

"Oh don't you worry!I just need you." a silhouette appeared before you. It was more of a feminine figure rather than a masculine. You smirked and stepped forward, reading your stance. Power coasted through your veins like shocks of electricity. Your kugame was about to explode.

"I just want to know more about... You know, HOW YOU LOOK ON THE INSIDE MAYBE!" He screamed and leaped out at you. You side stepped, making him miss.

"Oh you're a weak one." you smiled coldly.

"I'll go easy on you this one time." you said. "Then I'll tell you, see how high you can scream... And how good you taste."

He smirked. "I'd like it see that in action," he said.

A throb in your back and your kugame busted out. Electric coil wings spreader outwards.

"Wonder what a short time it'll take me to cut those off." he smiled.

" maybe two hours and a cup of coffee" you replied, shrugging.

He opened his shirt, revealing dozens of knives. You rolled your eyes and smirked.

Really? Doesn't know.

He hurled a knife at you and you being a half ghoul just stood there until you felt a piercing pain in your gut.

"They're special aren't they ghoul chan?" he smiled.

You grunted and spat out blood.

"That's it you little bastard!" you shouted. You hurled you kugame at him, missing. Then he stopped and laughed.

"A half ghoul." he said. "Rare! I'll deserve a good quinqe for being a good boy!"

He stabbed you.

"Ten!" he shouted. You screamed in agony. Your wings trembled and gave out a powerful shock to anything within a fifty foot radius. You looked at the boy, who was twitching but still standing up.

"Oh," you said flatly. "You're not dead." he grimaced and stopped trembling.

"Its about time I go. I'm afraid our play date has come to an end. Oh well. Catch you later." you said, kicking him so hard he was blown back. And you disappeared.

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