The Boy.

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         I smile at him as I hold him in my lap. I can tell he's just as nervous about this as I am. Looking around before setting my eyes on him once more "Hey, little bug do you wanna spend the day together so We can get to know eachother.?" I pause, seeing him finally look up at me. I smile before saying "I want you to make sure you would wanna be adopted, love!"  He returns with a nod and a small squeak escapes his lips. "O-okay Mama! I-I mean Mauuuuuuur-ine?" He says hoping I didn't catch him stumbling over his own words. I can't help but giggle as I pick him up and set him on my hip. I walk out of the crowded room, and quickly out of the convention center hoping that would make him feel better. "Alright little one, where do you wanna eat?" I ask as we wait for my driver to pull around. He takes his thumb out of his mouth and mumbles under his breath shyly. "I no no." He says gripping me tighter and burying his head into the side of my neck. "How about Carabas?" I ask seeing the driver finally park and he scoots to the car door opening it for Dylan and I. I moth the words 'Thank-you'. As Dylan rambles on in what I can assume is his baby talk. His headspace must be around me 2-3 years old. I set him in the booster seat, and strap him in tightly. I smile at him and rub my fingers thru his tight curls. He smiles at me under his thumb that he's sucking on. I take my seat and the driver closes the door, finally we are out of that God forsaken place. I dig through my duffle bag and grab out a blue and green sippy cup. I hand it to Dylan "Here little bug, it's apple juice!" I say in a more excited tone. Seeing his face light up at my words....well probably the juice. Who am I kidding? Every little loves juice. He takes it in his small hands, and replaces his thumb with the cup. He begins sucking away quite quickly. I smile lightly as I look to the driver  "Carabas, Please" I say to him as he follows up with a short nod.

           Once we get there I walk in, feeling more Domme than ever. Finally feeling worth something as I have my little Prince on my hip. 'God I hope he likes me... I just want him to be mine already' I think to myself. I make my way to the waiter that is ready to take us to our seats. "Could you be a dear and put us in a private dining area?" I ask... Well more telling him. He stares at me, the waiter probably only 19. He chokes back his nervousness as he glances to my face, away from my cleavage. "Y-eah! Uhm...Right away Ma'am!" He says taking Dylan and I to the dining room. I smile warmly, giving a nod with content. "Thank you, for drinks I'd like a White wine...the best you have got! And for the little one, he will have chocolate milk" I say waving him off as I set Dylan in a high chair. Dylan seems to be relaxing a bit more, I smile at him before asking "So how old are you little one?" I ask, want my a confrontation from him. He holds up two fingers, then three. "Two to Three?" I ask, he follows with a nod of agreement. I smile at him, his eyes melting my heart. "Do you wear diapers? Use a pacifier? Drink from a bottle?" I ask, firing off questions. He nods to every one of them. He shyly says "Yes, Mama!" I nod my head, taking the menu in my hand as I read it over "Good, I think you are perfect." I say giving a small wink at him. Shortly after the waiter comes back with my wine and Dylan's chocolate milk. I smile and say "Thank you, and we are ready to order. I'd like the 9oz Steak, Medium Rare with Marsala sauce and a Cesar salad. Little one will have chicken nuggets and fries" I say, handing the waiter our menus. He nods nervously, It's easy to tell a submissive apart friends m the rest. "Run along now. Don't come back until you have food in-hand. Please" I say, giving him a warm smile. He returns the smile and walks off. Turning to Dylan whom is sucking on his thumb, I take a sip of the cold wine and look at him intently. "Dylan, keep your hand out of your mouth" I say softly. He hesitates to take it out, but is catching my warning in my eyes. He takes his thumb out of his mouth, making me smile "Good Boy... Now tell me about yourself!" I command. He clears his throat and begins to speak. After our plates are delivered he is still rambling on. Thus far he likes the color purple, he likes stuffies, dinosaurs, he likes Finding Nemo, and the Lion King. He never had a mommy before, but he has been into Md/lb. He has always been little, and that was fine with me!

          We begin eating our dinner, he must not be a bit fan of eating. As this is the third time I've warned him to not play with his food. He shakes his head "But Ma'ma! Ims no hungry!" He says, biting his lip. I grow. Wiping my face and taking a sip of wine. "Fine then love, you get no snack tonight if you don't finish. I was hoping that we could get Ice Cream later... Oh well!" I shrug with a smile, knowing all to well that he will change his mind. He widens his eyes and quickly gets to work eating his dinner. I smile, finishing off my steak. I glance per to see how far he has gotten. I point with my fork "From very more French fries and you can be all done!" I say. I can tell he's getting full so five should suffice. After we finish, I pay the bill. I stand up and walk over to him, he gives me 'The grabby hands' I smile as I unbuckle him from the seat and pull him into my grasp. I carry him and sit him on my lap. I reach for my bag and grab some wipes, and begin wiping down his face and hands. "All clean!" I say happily and he giggles at me. I grab our things and we walk out to the awaiting car.

I hope you guys are enjoying it thus far. It will be a slow yet more descriptive story. Let me know your thoughts!


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