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Camping Volunteers(this was based off of my camping as a volunteer trip. Not completely but it inspired me.)

Being the boys they are, Yoongi and Jimin are still living in Jungkook's house.

Even so, they signed up for a all boys camp so Jungkook's parents didn't get tired of them.

Of course Jimin was being paid while Yoongi just got the hours.

When they arrived at camp, they were forced into one cabin all together. By they, it means ALL the volunteers.(yes this actually happened at my camp.)

It being late when they got there, they immediately went to the cabin and had to pull out the mattresses and put them on the floor. Thing is, the two boys decided to put the mattresses together to make more room for others.

It caused stares but Yoongi and Jimin didn't care.

"This is really claustrophobic." Jimin snuggled up to Yoongi trying to stay away from the other boys.

Yoongi didn't mind being cuddled at all. Actually, he didn't even answer Jimin cause he had fallen straight asleep due to Jimin's warm touch.

Jimin rolled his eyes and laid his head on Yoongi's head, falling straight asleep.

But of course the thunderstorms kept waking Jimin up. Yoongi was like dead asleep through it but Jimin was wide awake by 2 am.(yeah I'm basing a lot of the basics stuff that what happened at camp.)

It was literally pouring and lightning outside. Jimin got up and went out to see how bad it was, he went into the rain and got drenched.

Jimin didn't mind the rain and there was onto sky lightning so he decided to stay out there a bit.

That was until Yoongi ran out there and pulled him back into the cabin, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Yoongi whisper yelled.

"It was nice outside..." Jimin mumbled, "I didn't think you were awake either."

"In my sleep, I noticed a weight off my chest and it worried me so I woke up." Yoongi said.

Jimin said sorry and the two went back asleep.

The next morning, the boys had to help build stations, stuff like "paint ball" which were just balloons with paint in it. And the slip and slide. More like that.

When it came to signing up for which station to work at, Jimin and Yoongi got separated.

Jimin signed up for the snack station and Yoongi signed up for some station that he could be lazy at.

The whole time, Yoongi really wanted to text Jimin. But he knew he couldn't.

Finally, someone said he could leave and go get snack so that made him get up right away and run to the snack station.

"Yoongi?! What are you doing here?" Jimin shouted while filling bowls with snacks.

"They said I could go get snacks. So I came and got some." Yoongi smirked and pecked Jimin's lips.

Jimin rolled his eyes, "Very funny."

Most of the boys their gave them weird looks. "Well, you better leave, hyung. You can't be gone for too long."

Yoongi pouted. For some reason, he felt like Jimin was embarrassed

Go read my new YOONMIN fanfic called, "Seeing Things?" Also that part about the snack station really happened at camp. I pretty much left my station and met my friend at the snack station. She had no clue why I was there. I wanted food, what's so wrong with that? XD
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