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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 27

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~Ty's POV~

As I watched the chat flood, I couldn't help but smile. Everyone was saying

"Skylox!" or "So cute!" and stuff like that.

"So guys, we aren't going to play games today, just talking with you guys! Ask us questions, give us dares, or anything. Well as long as it's appropriate for streaming." I giggled at the last part. We both watched the chat.

"Got one." I smirked. "They dare us to kiss."

"No problem." he locked his lips with mine. He moved his lips fast, I could easily tell he was hungry for more, but I pulled back, smiling at him. His eyes stayed on him as he said "n-next question.". A hint of red spread on his face. I looked at the chat filled with fan girls and spotted a question.

"Yes, Adam and I are a couple for those who don't know."

So we went on with more silly dares and questions for about an hour.

"Alright guys this has been Sky with my amazing, handsome, lover Deadlox." He gave me a smile and I blushed fiercely at how he described me. "And we will see you guys later." He clicked the button and logged off of Twitch. Before I could say anything his lips were on mine yet again, fierce, with even more hunger than before. Like always, we didn't even get to continue. Adams phone rang. He pulled back, sighing but gave me a reassuring smile, and answered the phone.

"Hello? Oh hey. Hang on." He looked at me again. "It's Mitch. He wants to know if we want to visit him in LA. He says there is something important he wants to talk to us about in person."

"Sure, I don't mind."

"Yeah ok. Sounds good. Oh you dot have t-. Alright I guess. Thanks. See ya soon!" He hung up.

What could Mitch possibly want to talk to us about, that he couldn't say it on Skype? There I go again. Constantly worrying about something.

"So we should pack." Adam said, noticing I spaced out. I could tell when he knew. He tried to get my mind on something else.

"Yeah." I got up got, and 30 minuets later I was packed. We have done so much traveling in the past two months.

"Oh I forgot to mention Mitch wants to pay for our flight." Adam walked into the living room and sat next to me on the couch. Willow jumped up and sat in my lap.

"Is it really that important that he offers to pay?"

"Hey, don't do that."

"Don't do what?"

"Stop worrying about it. It's going to be fine. We are going to see our friends again!" He tried to lighten the mood. He was right. I should stop worrying.. For Adam. He has done so much for me so I need to do this for him.

"Your right." I smiled "but I didn't know Mitch lived in LA."

"Your right." he copied my words but for a different reason. "He doesn't.." I saw the slight puzzled look on his face but he saw me staring and smiled. He looked down at his watch.

"It's time to leave." He offered his hand to help me up and I gladly took it.

Oh and don't worry about Willow. We dropped her off at our friends house before we left.

Anyways, we boarded the plane, yet again this month. Adam had his hand in top of mine, squeezing it every once in a while. Even his touch made me calm.

~IN L.A.~

We arrived at the airport in L.A. It was packed full with people. I looked to my side and saw Adam missing. Panic hit me hard. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. I was greeted by..

~Author's Note~

Woah, cliffhanger.I know you guys love cliffhangers :p

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