Chapter 30

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Tris P.O.V:

After the extremely long interview, we finally leave, knowing that Verity is guaranteed a place. I'm so glad to be leaving that place - I hate school so much!

We walk outside and go next door to the uniform shop and find a size that fits Verity. Each faction has a different coloured uniform to correspond with their colours - Dauntless = Black, Abnegation = Grey, Erudite = Blue, Amity = Red and Yellow & Candor = Black and White. Most of the teachers are Erudite except the Physical Education teacher (Dauntless) and the Home Economics teacher (Amity).

After we buy the uniform, I take Tiny for a walk while Uriah takes Verity and Xaiver to the Park. I start heading to the park to meet up with Verity, Xaiver and Uriah when I bump into Four and Nita. "Oh, hello..." Nita sneers.
"Hi Nita...Four." I murmur while I begin to walk away. "Where you going? You don't want to talk to us; you think you're too cool for us!" Nita yells as I carry on walking away. I don't care anymore...

Eventually, I meet up with Uriah and the kids. I see Verity running around the play area and Xavier being pushed on the baby swings by Uriah; aww!
I know, I know, it's not that long but as you know I'm very busy and have a lot going on. By the way, it's my birthday on Monday (23rd) and I'm getting to go and see Pentatonix on their World Tour 5 days after my birthday (28th)! I'm so excited! Especially after what's been going on but everything is getting better :) ~ Emilee xx

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