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*WARNING hybrid au! Kitty Baek + let's pretend it's quite normal to hold a hybrid at home as a pet even though they are not cheap to buy, alright? It's my first time writing something like that so I hope you enjoy it!!

"Shit " , Chanyeol mumbles under his breath before tossing his headphones carelessly on the table, leaning back in his chair while gripping his hair in frustration. Countless hours have passed since he has sat down in front of his keyboard without moving his fingers on the Instrument even once. Making music in his own little studio had always been his favorite thing to do.

A place where he could escape from the daily routine and get his mind together to create something beautiful...  But Chanyeol can't help it but feel extremely clueless these days,  especially right now. He takes a quick glance towards his phone,  a sigh escaping his lips. 
Of course she wouldn't have texted him again,  what else did he expect? Chanyeol's mind has already understood that the relationship he was having with Seohyun had come to an end.       

She had made it obvious enough for him to get it though. Presenting him her new boyfriend right in front of his face, couldn't have been clear enough. But his heart still hasn't made it to realize that she eventually had left. Actually that recent incident should have inspired him to write even more songs but Chanyeol has a habit of producing music only when he is feeling pleased in life even when he is up to write gloomy lyrics. 

Now there he is, staring into his empty folder on the computer. His eyes feel heavy,  his muscles start to loosen up but before he can fall asleep,  the door bell pulls him out of his trance. 
Forcing himself to stand up,  the said boy tears the door open in a harsh manner,  calling out a:  "What?!" in annoyance. But when he sees what welcomes him outside...he finds his strong grip fading away on the doorknob and remains silent with widened eyes. 

But... What actually is that waiting for him there? What is  that kind of creature , giving a wince of surprise when it has heard Chanyeol's voice for the first time? 

"What..." , he feels unable to do anything but stare at the smaller with his black ears, that resembled cat ones a lot , hanging down and becoming visible underneath his matching raven hair. That picture makes it hard to believe what is actually happening right now despite of how confused the delightful creature catches sight of him,  his head titled to meet his eyes and long slender fingers nervously fiddling with a piece of paper.Eyeing him up in detail,  Chanyeol notices that it is wearing a long oversized shirt colored in pure white, covering the most of his thighs. Suddenly the taller notices something completely different on him,  a black tail is making it's way out of the shirt from behind and clenches on his back. 

Perhaps... A cat hybrid ?

"What are you doing here..?", Chanyeol breaks the silence,  afraid of scaring him even more because up to now he can't get away from the deepening  look in those delicate eyes,  begging for something he can't tell. The creature remains speechless putting out both of his arms,  now blocking their strong gaze as he lowers his head , staring on the floor while his bangs fall forward.Hesitant, Chanyeol takes the incoming paper in his hands : 

>>  Guess who got you a Kitty Hybrid so that you're finally smiling again?!      
       Stop spending all days locked up in      your studio and shit just because  
       she broke up with you, bro.       
       Baekhyun is his name and he is so adorble don't cha think?? 

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