chapter 20

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Jade's p.o.v 

I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders the other day when I told Perrie my secret. It just made me relax a little bit more knowing that I had someone other then my mam to trust with my secrets. I mean not even Harry, Niall, or Jesy knew and I knew them way before Perrie. I guess I felt secure because she makes me feel protected in a way like noones gonna hurt me when I'm around her.

It was just an ordinary day in school again. I spent half of the day dreaming and just counting down the seconds until I saw Perrie again. 

I heard the bell ring and I grabbed my stuff not making eye contact with anyone as I left. Making my way to my locker not hearing anyone calling me names and no nothing i could almot call it a nice day. But then i was roughly slammed against the cool lockers head first and fell down my head throbbing. Then I reminded myself this wasn't my fantasy world. This was the first time this happened since I started going out with Perrie. My head hurting like I just got hit with a cyndar block. Looking up at the person as she stared down at me a half smile on her tanned face- Leigh-Anne. But it wasn't only Leigh-Anne the rest of the girls were there "Watch it twat." she spat venomously like I was the one who pushed her. I gave perrie a pleading look and saw the look of guilt flash in her eyes  looking at me then at Leigh-Anne "Fuck off" She told her quietly. I would've smiled if my head didnt hurt like hell. Leigh-Anne looked at her raising an eyebrow "Your actually standing up for this loser?" Leigh-Anne pointed her thumb at me. Perrie stayed silent for a bit switching her gaze from us two. I looked down at the ground not really expecting Perrie to say anything. But she did! "Yeah I am now I said fuck off your gonna make us late." I smiled . She was still keeping her promise to me even at school and even if it meant talking back to Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne just stood there jaw dropped slightly her eyes going cold. No one spoke to her like that and I mean no one. She wasn't able to form any words and just stood there like an idiot really. The tension gaining between the 5 of us almost like you could cut it with a knife "Come on we have a minute left if we rush" Danielle said grabbing Leigh-Anne's arm dragging her along leaving Perrie and Eleanor there staring at me until Perrie decided to help me up. "Thanks" I said brushing the dust off my blazor. Eleanor gave me a small smile before walking away as if to say your welcome . Perrie stood infront of me looking for any injuries on my body "You alright?" she asked. "Yeah just a slight migrane" I shrugged it off not really caring it meant enough that Perrie stood up for me today. "What was that for?" I asked about her. She was also scared about what Leigh-Anne was capable of and she stepped closer to me smiling "I told you I'd never hurt you and that also means protecting you from the groups of idiots here." She whispered in my ear and I could feel her smile on my earlobe before she kissed my cheek so quickly it was like she didnt even kiss it at all before she headed off to class probably grinning. I smiled my cheeks heating up a bit. She was so cute and she was lucky that the halls were empty when she kissed me. She actually meant what she said.  


Perrie's p.o.v 

I stood at my locker grabbing my books for my next class when it was abruptly pushed closed. I immediatly knew who it was. Rolling my eyes facing the girl. "What Leigh -Anne?" Annoyance and anger filling  my face by just looking at her irritated me sometimes. I felt like punching that smug smile off her face "What was that about?" She asked calmly turning my back to her I walked away asking "What was what about?" Like I didn't already know. She grabbed my shoulder spinning me around to face her. She looked pissed her eyes were black and narrowed and she sounded like she was ready to kill anyone if she wanted to right now. Leigh-Anne wasn't used to being snapped back at but it was time for someone to change it right? "Don't play stupid with me Perrie what the hell were you doing standing up for that loser?" Anger boiled up in me she couldn't just talk about her like that she was my girlfriend. "She has a name it's Jade and it was about time someone changed in this school we cant just go around bitching and hitting people Leigh-Anne you don't know what they have to go through everyday" She strared at me long and hard like she was staring into the depths of my soul searching for some kind of dark twisted answer. When she couldn't find one she chuckled slightly "Oh look little Perrie has a heart. What are you hiding huh?" I shot daggers at her with my eyes not giving up that easily. She wasn't going to get anything out of me. I smirked at her "You think your so intimidating when your really just a coward gathering up peoples secrets to use against them when you have the chance to save your sorry ass." I could tell I caught her a bit off gaurd as she widened her eyes. She obviously knew not to mess with me cuz she knew shit goes down when I'm mad. "I will find out what your up to and I'll make sure to tell everyone what's up learn not to cross my bad side." I chuckled a bit "You have a good side?" Her face redened slightly with anger obviously outraged ."Go ahead and dig as deep as you want Leigh-Anne but you won't find any dirt on me I'm not an idiot like you I'm not a bitch like you who will get in big trouble in the future becuase of her big mouth. It's going to be nice visiting you in jail a couple years from now maybe then you'll figure out that you cant always hide things from others Leigh-Anne their eventually going to get out and everyone will know just what a messed up prick you really are." With that I spun around on my heels walking to class leaving a wide eyed jaw dropped Leigh-Anne in the hall . That's how you do it I told myself smiling .


Jade's p.o.v 

Today was a close call Perrie told me about Leigh-Anne whose out to get her so we had to be really careful today when she picked me up and drived me home. A comfortable silence falling upon us two like there wasn't a care in the world.Until Perrie grabbed my hand kissing it making me look at her curiously. "What's wrong?" I asked she sighed out "I just. I really want to show your mum that I'm not a bad person I just want to show her that I have changed that I'm not the person she thinks I am." I thought about it for a bit. I didn't want to sneak around with Perrie all the time going faking studying all the time. I wanted my mam's approval on this just as much as Perrie does. "Ok come show her that if shes home and if she'll even see what you have to say."She smiled widely from ear to ear making me smile with her. Her smile was contagious.

When Perrie parked in the driveway she frowned a crease forming inbetween her eyebrows. "What's wrong?" I asked "I don't see your mums car here" I grinned at her putting my hand on her thigh "Doesn't mean you cant come inside." she looked at me smiling.

I unlocked the door pushing it open with my foot as I faced Perrie grabbing her by her tie dragging her inside with me before I pushed her to a wall kissing her fast but passionatly gaining a little moan from Perrie. "Cheeky one ey?" She smiled against my lips grabbing my shoulders turning us around so I was on the wall. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Kissing Perrie was perfect was all I could say.It was like kissing her for the first time over and over again since each kiss got better everytime . She just made my life better now for some reason. I felt her getting a little needy biting my lip roughly making me pull her closer her body competly against mine as I parted my lips slightly but before Perrie could even make a move we heard some one clear their throat behind us and we quickly broke apart not expecting to see anyone here. My mam stood there tapping her foot on the wooden floor her arms folded against her chest as a stern look was plastered on her face. Shit! I thought she could have not just seen that. Oh my God that could have not just happened. Perrie and I stood there red in the face not really knowing what to say "Dad fun there huh?" My mam asked. When we didnt answer she looked at me clearly dissapointed. My heart dropped. Great now I got both of us in trouble "jade i thought you knew better then to lie to me how could you do this?" I just stood there looking down at my shoes as if they were the most interesting things to look at." There's no car in the driveway how are you here" I asked quietly "I parked it on the street and i expect more from you and you too Miss. Edwards you know how I feel about you" I furrowed my eyebrows. I was such a hypocrit Perrie could stand up for me but I can't do the same for her? "So I'm asking you to leave". Perrie began to take hesitant steps backwards. "No!" I said grabbing Perrie's waist pulling her back to me suddently getting a confidence boost that suprised both of them "She's not leaving mam I like her doesnt that matter? My life has seemed so much happier with her around. So happy that I coud almost forget about what dad did to the both of us. So if your not going to accept me and Perrie's relationship then there's the door and I will not hesistate to step out of it and not come back" I shut my mouth after that just registering what I just said. "sorry" I mummbled. "No your not you meant what you said so if that is what you want then go ahead be with Perrie I might be a bit skeptical of it but as long as your happy I'm happy too." "Really?" Perrie asked her face lighting up. My mam nodded smiling and I felt my heart just burt from happiness finally!!!!!! I ran to her giving her a tight hug. "Thank you thank you thank you" I jumped up and down happily. "Well don't just stand there come here Edwards" My mam said and Perrie moved from her shocked position her lips quirking into a smile as she joined in.

After my mam left the room Perrie wrapped her arms around my neck "Fianally" she said before she softly kissed my lips making me smile against hers "Oi! get a room you two" I heard my mam say before she brushed passed us making us both blush again.She grinned cheekily. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

It was raining heavily when I was driving back home and luckily I went home without swerving off the side of the road. The rain pelted my leather jacket quickly sliding off the fabric. I put my hood up as I searched for the keys in my pocket finding them as fast as I could and opened the door quickly walking in and hanging my jacket on the rack. Walking into the house saying "Mam I'm home." The house was silent so I searched for them in the living room finding all of them staring at me like I was a unicorn that threw up skittos or something "What?" I asked confused and noticed someone's back was facing me I didnt really recognize him. He had brown hair from the back was all I could tell. But when the stranger turned around I took in a sharp breath as they smiled at me "Hi Perrie" He said softly "Dad?"

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