chapter 7

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Soo, you asked me to update this story, here you have it.

---------Chapter 7-------

Naruto woke up with the greatest feeling ever. There was a huge tent in the bed covers and his mind could think of only one thing. The beautiful woman that he slept with last night. It was her for sure. Grabbing the hem of the covers and shoving them away, his doubts turned to be right. There was Samui, sucking at the tip of his cock as her huge melons were pushed around his shaft.

Seeing him awake, she moved her hips so that they were on top of his face as she continued to enjoy his dick in her mouth. Naruto didn't wait and immediately started munching on her nether folds while teasingly poking her back entrance with a finger. He started pushing his tongue further into her cave as with his other hand, he caught her tiny clit in his fingers and pinched it. This was all it took as he was soon washed over by Samui's juices who announced her climax on his shaft, sending vibrations to his spine and making him explode in her mouth with everything he had. She managed to swallow it all, getting up from him, allowing him to sit.

"That was a great wake up call." Said Naruto as he caressed her cheek.
"After last night, it's the least I can do for you." Said Samui leaning in and giving him a kiss.
"I think we should head home by now. Your partners might have gotten worried." Said Naruto as he got up, getting dressed.
"Yeah. It's about time I meet them." Said Samui as she put on her clothes from last night.

Getting dressed, they checked out from the hotel and walked towards his house.

As soon as they arrived, a running Shion came to Naruto, jumping in his arms while giving him kisses over his face. Hinata just walked slowly due to her condition but she still gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Welcome back, Naruto." Said Hinata as Shion got down from his arms.
"So this is that beautiful lady you have been with last night." Said Shion as she took a look at the blonde.
"Yes, she is her. This is Samui. Samui meet Hinata and Shion." Said Naruto pointing at each of them.
"It is my pleasure." Said Samui with a smile.
"Ok. Let's get in. Hinata just finished cooking." Said Shion as she directed them inside, giving Samui's asscheek a light slap, making her blush.

Smiling behind them, Naruto followed them inside. He watched as Shion and Samui helped Hinata put the dishes on the table. This made him happy as he saw that they were going along pretty good. Joining them at the table, he started the meal with them, eating happily with his family.

When they were done eating, he took the liberty of taking a shower. Getting in the bathroom, he turned on the shower, he stepped into it, letting the warm water hit his skin and put away the sweat. He was done with it soon, putting on fresh clothes. As he was about to leave his bedroom, a messenger bird chipped at his window, earning his attention.

He opened the window and grabbed the letter around the bird's leg, opening it and he read it. It was a calling for mission briefing at the Hokage Tower. Releasing the bird, he got his gear and filled his pouches with necessary equipment. Seeing as he got everything, he walked downstairs, seeing his wives smiling and giggling. It made his heart warm up.

"Hey ladies. You seem to be having a good time together." Said Naruto as he got close to them.
"Why wouldn't we? And where are you going all geared up?" Said Shion.
"I got a letter for a mission and I need to go." Said Naruto scratching the back of his head.
"What kind of mission?" Asked Hinata concerned.
"I don't know yet but there is no need to worry. You know I can handle anything." Said Naruto with his singiture goofy smile.
"Just be back quick. Don't let us get lonely." Said Samui faking a sad face.
"I'll be back as soon as I can." Said Naruto as he kissed each of them and stopped at Hinata."And you buddy wait for me, okay?" Said Naruto as he kneeled and kissed the huge curve on Hinata's stomach where their child was. Standing up he said his goodbyes to his wives and left.

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