Neck Kisses

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You've been studying all day for a big exam, piles of textbooks and papers  

scattered all over your coffee table as you hunch over it, tapping your pencil  

vigorously. You finally can't concentrate any longer, and you toss the pencil  

onto the table and slouch back into the couch, rubbing your temples. You close  

your eyes and run your fingers through your messy hair, groaning from the  

massive headache you're getting. You eventually begin to relax and your eyes  

still closed. You're about to doze off to sleep when you suddenly feel someone  

lean over from behind the couch, their cheek touching against yours. Your eyes  

shoot open, and you quickly turn to see your boyfriend Harry grinning at you.  

"Jesus you scared me," you gasp. 

He laughs. "I've been standing there watching you for a few minutes now, but you  

didn't seem to notice." He says, giving you a peck on the cheek and hopping over  

the couch to sit next to you. "Probably because my head's pounding, I can't  

think straight anymore." You sigh, resting your head on his shoulder. There's a  

few seconds of silence. "We could you know...relieve some of that stress." He  

finally replies. "How?" You say with a tired voice, half paying attention to  

what he was saying because your head was still hazy from sleepiness, until you  

feel his lips brush against your neck and you realize what he was getting at.  

"No no no, we can't...not right now." You push him away, and he grabs your  

wrists with a gentle grip. "Please?" He says, his eyes becoming soft, but you  

look down at him biting his lower lip and it sends a rush through your body. You  

hesitate, but finally give in. "Okay, just a little-" you start, but you can't  

finished your sentence before Harry's already on top of you, pushing you  

backwards so you're laying across the couch. He looks you in the eyes, his face  

inches away from yours and his own eyes turning dark, then glances down at your  

lips. He doesn't make a move immediately, barely running his lips against yours  

when he leans in, and it's drives you crazy. You finally grab the sides of his  

face and push him against you so your lips finally meet. You don't break the  

kiss until you're desperate for air, and you finally pull away, panting. As you  

catch your breath, Harry starts pecking the side of your face, then down to your  

neck, pressing harder against your skin as he goes father down. You run your  

hands along the sides of his torso until you reach the end of his shirt and you  

tug at it. He breaks away for just a second to pull it off and throw it behind  

the couch, then he crashes on top of you again, continuing with his kisses. He  

goes back up to your neck and bites at your ear. "Bedroom?" He whispers, his  

voice deep and raspy. You nod, biting your lip. He picks you up and you wrap  

your legs around his waist. He carries you to your room, shutting the door so no  

one else would disturb what the two of you would be doing the rest of the  


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