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Hi, I've always wanted to write a journal but i always quit after 3 days or so. I've decided to make an online diary so i can tell people who aren't my friends and won't know a thing. Who better to tell than random strangers : 3

For the sake of my life I will use fake names.

Dear Diary, Today I decided to write you. 10:54 pm 2/12

I left to catch my bus an hour late because i read the time wrong. My dad drove me to school and i had to listen to a 20 minute 'dad lecture'. My day from that point was messed up. I arrived at school and didn't know where to go, I've never been late before because im perfect. (sarcasm intended) My friends think I like this guy named Larry but they also think i also like this guy named Ted but I don't. So now you know everyone thinks i like 2 guys (yeah now I'm a total slut) But my friends keep guessing who i like all of a sudden and they were smart enough to narrow it down to those two. I only used to like one of them. They tease me about him and tell him I like him in line for class. It makes me despise him anymore. I tell them I don't only 50 million times and I start believing I do (LIAR is a good book to read) yeah i know now I'm a slut and a liar. guess what? I'm also a nerd. yeah FML.

Ugh and in science i missed out on the first ten minutes, why couldn't it be for the whole two periods? Luckily, I missed out on corrections because I didn't do my homework. Yup I'm a rebel a nerd a slut and a liar and lest we forget a slacker. I wonder why I'm typing this when I should be starting my homework that's due tomorrow...

Anyway in science our teacher was organizing Kris Kringle. I didn't want to do because last year's experience...not so good. Kirah told me that she hated me because she had me but then got Alan so she's telling me how much she hates me while hugging me. I hate hugs.

I tried asking people who they had because I didn't have anybody and they ignored me because I'm such a loner SOMETIMES in my class.

I knew like what five people out of 25 that's okay though i forgot everyone's anyway. My life isn't that complicated once you uh...become me. To top it of during class Jake was saying how he knew who everybody had and was going on about how Damien got Loraine and Jess got Kyle and then he said Ted got me. Ted wasn't even doing Kris Kringle and neither was i so i have come to the conclusion that not only do the girls tease me about two people I hate a lot (or do i?)Ted and Larry's friends but the whole fricken class. Now all that's left is to hope that Ted and Larry never find this entry.

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