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esowatch slander american indian turtle winds firewalker

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esowatch  slander american indian turtle winds firewalker

EsoWatch  slanders a american indian turtle winds firewalker

esowatch makes false statement against native american indian turtle winds firewalker



Anonymous Internet portal critics vilified by criminal means


Anonymous Internet portal critics vilified by criminal means

Unhealthy skepticism drives known to persons using the criminal Internet portal 

for serious crimes Beghe. Berlin Public Prosecution determined.




100,000 euros reward

Updating of forums


Criticism from bloggers

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'''EsoWatch''' is an internet project, established in 2007 dedicated to the Wiki - use software. Are connected to a forum and an Internet blog, whose contributions remain set until after editorial review, this is without mentioning facts. The project reports of ultra-skeptical view of vermeindlich pseudo-sciences, such as homeopathy. The owners and authors of EsoWatch work anonymously, but they are apparently known and mostly German. How to read the Internet, understand the Esowatchautoren by Accredited academic scientistsdagestellten relationships not in the intellectual publishing context and also deliberately misinterpreted test results . Currently there are around 1,700 articles and 3,400 images in Esowatch Wiki, at about 100 registered users and three administrators. An average of 12 users are active. According to its own estimates, Esowatch for the "biggest wiki in the world of its kind" .


The people at Esowatch articles are written by anonymous authors on people with real names are obviously known . The criticism of the person portrayed is made ​​on the basis of unilateral standards. However, beEsowatch standards are not disclosed explicitly , instead prejudices are fanned - as are graduated doctors then called charlatans if they use alternative healing methods, or it can be called teachers, engineers and physicist as pseudo-scientists, even though this professional scientific examinations taken at universities and has done research for many years. The terms used by Esowatch have diffuse connotations and are not further defined. What a scientist differs from a " pseudo-scientists , see Prof. Ulrich Berger , is particularly interesting because Esowatchautoren have no medical degree, but try a doctorate doctors write therapies before. The whole Esowatch Wiki is operated unilaterally. Objections and change requests regarding the content of those articles can be placed on the forum for discussion, but are deleted immediately, if it affects keep Esowatch critical documents. In addition, spread of Esowatch using bogus "evidence" proved grossly untrue claims about third parties on the Internet whose sole aim is to silence Esowatch critics.

Moreover Esowatch one is massive manipulation of Google - Ranking - mechanisms and proven fraudaccused. According to the mirror blog is it is EsoWatch an illegal page, which is run by a cult-like criminal organization, the article. are in the opinion of the author of this blog written in a defamatory manner. can be regarded as evidence that many Esowatch strafrechlich relevant copyright infringements committed.

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