Chapter 34

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Alec's p.o.v

Emily. She's back.

"Mama" Mia shouted as I put her in my bed. I walked to the closet and opened the door.

I never got rid of Emily's things. I walked inside and closer to her clothes.

Go to her! Why are you here! She's back! Chase shouted at me

She left me Chase. I can't just go back to her that quickly I said

You can! She's your mate! Just go back to her. You have done a lot of bad things yourself. He said and I sighed

Will she accept me?

Of course she will! He blocked me out.

"Mama" Mia cried and I quickly walked out of the closet and towards her.

I picked her up and rocked her slowly. I read a book on how to be the best parent, when Emily was still here.

"Shush. Mia, it's okay" I whispered and she smiled holding my finger.

"Say it. Dada. Or daddy" I mumbled and she smiled

"Dada" she clapped her hands and I was shocked.

"Emily!" I ran to the door opening it.

"Emily!" I shouted and she ran up stairs

"What!" She asked worried.

"She said it. She said Dada" I smiled

"Dada" Mia said again and I smiled

"That's good. Alec can we talk?" She asked as Nat walked towards us.

"You guys talk, and I'll take Mia" she took her off me and walked downstairs.

Emily walked inside and I closed the door.

"Alec I'm sor-" I turned around and walked close to her.

"Please say something" she whispered and I cupped her face.

"I love you" I whispered leaning down towards her lips. I kissed her slowly, and she kissed me back.

"I love you so much Emily" I mumbled against her lips.

I could feel the sparks, they were like fireworks, exploding every time she touched me.

"I love you too Alec. I'm sorry" she whispered hugging me

"I'm sorry too" I wrapped my arms around her tighter.

"Why can't we just be a normal couple, and not have these arguments?" She questioned

"We are nowhere close to normal Emily. That's what I love about us" I chuckled

"So you forgive me? For leaving? For taking your daughter away from you? For the whole year?" She asked letting me go.

"If you forgive me for sleeping with humans? For drinking? And for not looking for you?" I asked and she nodded

"I forgive you for drinking and not for sleeping with other? That hurt me Alec" she whispered

"Please Emily. I was lost! I didn't know, I was going crazy. I forgave you for everything you did" I pleaded

"I'll forgive you Alec, if you promise me to make me a chocolate cake. Nobody in England knew how to make it properly" she groaned and I smiled

"Of course Emily. So you were in England? Why did you even leave?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Wait! You never took the ring off?" I asked looking at the hand as she placed both of her hands on my chest.

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