Chapter 1

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  If you have read Somewhere only we know don't expect it to be the same, Jesse is completely different from Ash is every possible way, so don't expect too much romance like Ash, it is more of a teen fiction action than a romance but there will be couples. I've gotten a lot of comments saying that Jesse is an asshole which is true lol but as they say she grows on you after awhile.....

(Brooklyn’s POV)

Today is the day my best friend leaves for New York. I turned to Jessica’s sleeping form and sighed. I didn’t want her to leave she was after all my best friend. She was the one I always called when I needed to talk. I defended her when she needed to be defended. Jessica is shy and innocent. She's petite girl who doesn’t stand up for herself, I don’t know why she doesn’t, but she doesn’t and I’m always there to help her against the people who find it fun to push her around. She has always been like this since I remembered.

The first day I met her was in kindergarten at recess. I was playing with my group of friends when I heard a group of boys laughing at something or rather someone when I turned around there she was huddle on the ground crying her eyes out. I immediately got mad and ran over to them, I told them to her alone, I even punched one of the boys before they finally left. I turned to her and bent down.

“Hey are you ok?" I asked she looked up at me with her green eyes. Tears were still coming down her face as she nodded.

“Yes, thank you,” She said quietly I smiled at her and sat down next to her

“My name is Brooklyn” I said to her she pulled her knees up to her chest

“I’m Jessica” She spoke quietly again as I nodded

“Lets be friends” she looked at me with wide eyes and smiled

“Really” She asked surprised.

“Yep really, come on lets go play” I said we both stood up and ran over to the swings. After that day we hung out with each other eventually we became best friends and we were inseparable until now that is.

“Brooklyn and Jessica wake up its time for us to go” Jessica’s mom shouted upstairs. Jessica stirred awake we both stared at each other with sadness, I wanted her stay.

She was crying when she first found out that she had to move but I reassured her that we would talk every day.

She sighed and got out of the bed. She looked around her now empty room, the only thing that was left in here was her bed and her duffel bag which she would take with her.

“Brook I don’t want to leave,” She mumbled quietly as we walked to the door I lived next door to them.

“I don’t want you to leave either, but you have to” I said as we walked down stairs I turned to her she was short about 5’2 at the most she had long curly dirty blonde hair with a unique pattern to her blue green eyes she looked so sad.

“We were supposed to start our freshmen year together, now I’m going to be by myself” She mumbled I stopped her.

“Hey don’t say that we can call each other everyday and we can visit each other on vacations your always going to be my best friend no matter how far away you are” I said she nodded

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