Ed Sheeran One Shot: Give Me Love

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Hellllloo darlings! Xx

How have you been? 

I've been busy(: 

Just wanted to let everyone know that i wrote a Ed Sheeran One Shot....... It's actually a story I turned in for my English Short Story project! I better get a hundred.....

I would grately appreicate it if y'all would read this and even spread the word.

i can't thank you enough!

Just go to my profile, It's called Give Me Love 

It goes a little something like this:

Allison's mother died from cancer six years ago, but ever since she's turned eighteen her step-father kicked her out of the house. He threw her mothers Will at her. Inside held an adventure her mother wanted her to complete. She needed to find her real father, the one her mother loved but never fought for. Now it's Allison's turn to find love, and fight for it.

thanks again !

-brianna <3

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