Big Fish in a Small Pond

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'To the new students of Naipolateisa Academy, I and all the teachers welcome you with open arms to your high school. It's an important year to learn and grow as you take the steps towards your future. To the current students, we all welcome you back to another year at one of the most prestigious academies in our beautiful country of Sylene. We hope that you had an exciting summer break and you feel refreshed to tackle the New Year head-on. We all believe that your education has paved the path for great achievements. Furthermore, we hope that you think proactively about your future and your friends as...' The principal of Naipolateisa Academy continued speaking, his voice muffled by velvet material wrapped around his face, but boosted by the microphone before him. It seemed their principal, the head of the school, still hadn't thrown away his ridiculous fashion choices as most students had with their fantasy delusions of working an office job day after day and coming to school dressed in suits and ties.

For the most part, Garunos' clothes weren't that out of place considering the dress code for Nai Academy and other schools in the area. He wore no shirt over his muscled chest, which is rumoured to be inspired from his younger years as a blacksmith. The only clothing apparent to him was a pair of dark blue gloves cut off before the elbow and similar leg-wear. His tight fitting trousers ended at the ankles and on his feet dark red shoes made from cloth. Around his waist Garunos wore a fabric belt though the soft red material seemed to be more for look than keeping his trousers up. The same material was wrapped around his head, leaving room for only his eyes and part of his forehead.

He was an interesting man for sure, but he was shrouded in mystery. Because he never told stories of his past, students tended not to listen to him. Like now, for example.

Everyone talked amongst themselves as Garunos the Principal pretended to address his school.

'What did you do over the break?' one student asked.

Another sighed. 'My stupid brother got himself super sick and is still in the hospital. I went in a lot to see him and he says that he hates it. He's getting sicker every day and his powers are weakening too.'

'He'll live through it I bet,' the first student said. 'He's still stronger than some students here.'

The sister chuckled. 'So true. You remember Abigail right?'

The first student emitted a quiet laugh. 'Yeah, everyone knows her for the wrong reasons. Even though her great granddaddy is some super powerful wizard, her powers have hardly manifested right?'

'Yeah it's weird. Like I know that powers sometimes skip generations but all she can do is light a matchstick.'

'Ohh but what about her grandfather?'

'I hear he's supposed to be a figurehead of this school.'

'Coz he went here duh! But have you seen him? 200 years old and he barely looks a day over 30! I wish I could look that good!'

'Y'know eventually that Abigail chick would figure out her powers and knowing her she'd have everything worked out in half a century.'

The first girl nodded. 'I'm so jealous. It's not enough that she's the smartest girl in this joint, he has to have a super cool family as well!' She bloated her cheeks in frustration.

'Still it seems like she got the short stick when it comes to her powers. Maybe she'd sort them out this year? She's not exactly a stuck up bitch to be honest... She's direct and works diligently.'

'Yeah she's cool, but she could at least hang out with people like her. I don't think her and Vincent really are that alike.'

'You're just saying that. I know you like him.'

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