III - The Reunion

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     My mom was able to process me and Blake back into Mordale high easier than I expected. Which didn't put me in the greatest mood the morning of my first day of school. I was looking to avoid going back for at least another week. So when my alarm went off and I couldn't get the snooze to work, I threw it across the room. The crash followed by a silence brought me an inner peace I never knew I needed. Until Blake began pounding on my door.

     " Get up! I'm not going to be late on my first day because of you."

     " Five more minutes."

     " No! Get up now or I'm coming in there and throwing you in an ice cold bath."

     " ..."

     " You know I'll do it."

     I grumbled a fine before getting up and sluggishly walking into my bathroom. I don't know where I found the strength to shower and get ready, but I did. By the time I got out of the room and went downstairs Blake was already halfway done with his breakfast.

     " I love this pack house." Blake happily chimed as he stuffed his mouth with more food. I shook my head playfully at the sight before grabbing a cup of orange juice. I didn't have an appetite at all, on the contrary, my stomach was in knots and I felt like anything I ate would come right back up.

     " Can I drive today?" I asked Blake and he shrugged," Go ahead. You act like we have a car to drive." He commented and I grabbed a pair of keys from my pocket, that my mom had given me yesterday, and jingled them in his face," Early birthday present." I grinned excitedly and Blake looked happily shocked.

     " You drive now?" My brother's voice interrupted. I stared at him as he poured himself a bowl of cereal. " Yeah, Blake taught me how." I explained awkwardly. My brother scoffed," Don't you think that was something your big brother should've taught you?" He asked his voice laced with anger. He wouldn't stop shooting Blake dirty glances which only made the tension between us even worse.

     " Yeah, well, I wasn't here for that..." I trailed off not really knowing what to say. I could see my brother was hurt," Right because you decided to run away." He spit out and I flinched at the harshness in his voice. " Elijah, you know why I-," he cut me off," Shut up, Jade! I'm seriously fed up with your whole pity party! I haven't even met my soulmate yet after three years! I'm going to become an Alpha without a Luna by my side! You don't see me running away, though, do you?!" My brother went off. I had no words.

     " Hey, man, maybe you wan-," Blake started, but my brother wasn't having it. " You shut your mouth because you have no business in this conversation." He snapped at him. " Elijah, don't talk to him like that." I warned and my brother convulsed with laughter," And now you're defending him?! This seriously cannot get any better." He shook his head in disbelief. I didn't know my brother was still so angry about the whole situation. It had already been almost a week in a half since I came back. I thought he would be over it by now. I guess not.

     " Elijah, that's no way to talk to your sister." My mom scorned as she walked into the kitchen. It only seemed to make my brother even angrier. " Seriously, mom?! You're just going to let everything go like that?! How can you even trust Jade not to disappear after today?" He questioned her and my mother hesitated before she looked at me," Because she came back. She took her time to heal, but in the end she came back. That counts for something Elijah." Those words soothed my worries.

     " Now, go upstairs your father needs to talk to you," she shooed Elijah away," And you two get to school or you're going to be late on your first day. Blake will be initiated when you guys come back. And Blake, take care of her for me." She joked and Blake smiled," Of course, mam. I'll make sure she doesn't get into any trouble." He assured her. A part of me knew deep inside she wasn't joking.

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