Chapter 2 I'm Afraid To Keep on Living

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4 years later...

I was late getting home from school. Even if I'm just five minutes late Rachel doesn't accept it. I walk threw the front door, prepared for what ever is coming.

"You're late again. How would your parents feel about this. I would be ashamed of I gave birth you." Rachel hissed.

I opened my mouth to say something until I felt a burning sensation spread across my cheek. Then without me being able to react I was pushed to the ground. Kick after kick.

"Did you get what you deserve?" Rachel snickered.

I used every strength left in my body to go upstairs. Pain shot through my body. I bit my lip trying not to cry.

When I got to the bathroom I closed the door and locked it. I slowly fell to the floor. I hate that this is my life now.

I cleaned myself up and began to draw.
I drew everything going on in my messed up mind. I drew until I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and got out my foundation. I needed to cover up these bruises. No one can know that I'm getting treated like this. I'm already so much trouble to this world.

I put on my hoodie and ran as fast as I possibly could out the door. As I'm walking to school I put my earbuds in and blast Thank You For The Venom by My Chemical Romance. They were the only people I had. Even though they didn't know who I was, they saved my life. All the kids in school think I'm a weird emo freak. I guess losing your parents to a car accident and having to live with an abusive foster mom makes you a little sad.

It was a normal day at school. A living hell. It was better than being at 'home' though.

When the ear piecing bell rang I immediately began to go home. I can't be late again.

I hate this life. I'm afraid to keep on living.

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