Chapter 3

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"Gin, you home?" Harry shouted out once he had apparated to his house.

"Yeah! I'm upstairs." Came the faint reply of Harry's wife of 2 months. Harry bounded up the stairs - or tried to... he felt fairly off balanced and instead staggered upstairs constantly knocking his head against the walls. Harry came into their room , to find Ginny sitting on the floor, leaning against their bed with her head in her hands.

"Gin, are you alright?" Harry plonked himself next to her, finding bliss in sitting down as he felt slightly less dizzy.

"Not really." Ginny replied. Harry looked at her, hoping she'd elaborate. "About half an hour ago, I felt weak, but nothing really happened. But then 5-10 minutes ago I felt like a part of me had died... I felt so dizzy and sick. It took a while to get back upstairs, but even anti-nauseous pills aren't doing anything." She paused. "Why are you home early?"

"I don't feel too well either. I seem to have similar symptoms. Maybe we have the same bug?"

"When did it start?"

"Same time as you..." Ginny leant her head against Harry's shoulders. But they jumped suddenly as they heard the loud pop of someone apparating.

"Ginny!" They heard someone call out. Ginny tried to get up, but ended up falling back on her bottom. She tried again and this time succeeded. She stumbled down the stairs, Harry followed close behind. "Ginny!... Harry what are you doing home so early?" Harry could hear his brother-in-law and best friend ask.

"Hello Ron." Harry greeted. "I'm afraid I wasn't feeling very well so I came back to ask Ginny to fix me up, but it seems she caught the same bug."

"Oh, I was going to ask Ginny to do the same thing. About 5-10 minutes ago I felt very faint and dizzy... I felt like a part of me had died." Harry frowned. "George also felt like it, so he asked if I could bring some of the medicine back for him. He didn't come too because he needed to man the shop."

Ginny plonked herself onto the neatest surface, which happened to be the kitchen table. "I'm afraid I haven't got any medicine that works. I wonder what bug we have? Healing magic doesn't seem to be doing the trick, and neither is muggle medicine." Harry seemed to be lost in thought. Something didn't seem quite right about all of this... there seemed to be a hint of something he couldn't quite name. "Harry? Harry are you listening?"

"Hmm? Sorry... I was thinking."

Ron snorted. "I never thought I'd see the day where someone other than Hermione was thinking."

Ginny and Harry scowled at him.

"I do think sometimes! I also have some good ideas!" Harry protested.

"Just like having a disguise that consists of a moustache and nothing else, to infiltrate the ministry?" Ginny questioned.

"How did you know about that?" Harry narrowed his eyes at his wife.

"Hermione tells me things." She paused and frowned at her statement. "Or at least, she used to tell me things."


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