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Chapter 29: KL’s Birthday


October 28 na. Anong meron? Beerday ko! Nakakatuwa. Excited na ako sa pwedeng mangyari. Well, I’m not expecting anything naman. Sanay na ako sa usual na nangyayari kapag birthday ko. Nandito ako sa sasakyan ngayon kasama si Jin pati na din sina Paula, VAL at Cherry. Elementary classmates namin sila. Saan kami pupunta? Sa kids foundation. Tutulong kami dun. Ganun lagi kapag birthday ko ee. I really love kids. Pagkadating namin doon, nagsimula na agad kaming pakainin yung mga bata. Nakakatuwa sila panuorin. How I wish na may kapatid din ako na bata. Actually meron naman talaga akong kapatid pero ang alam ng lahat, only child lang ako. Kahit si Jin, hindi alam yun.


10 years ago.

It was my 7th birthday. Our family was staying in Korea. We we’re now in a mall to have dinner. My parents we’re really busy with their work so they weren’t able to prepare a birthday party for me but it's okay.

"Kylie, we will just buy a chocolate cake okay? Just stay here and take care of your brother. We will be back in a few minutes" Mom said

"Umma, I want a big chocolate cake!"

"Don’t worry Kylie. We will buy a big chocolate cake for you" -Daddy

"Gomawo appa, umma. Saranghae!" (Thank you dad, mom. I love you!)

"Nado saranghae Kylie" (We love you too Kylie) -Mom and Dad

They hugged me. I’m here in the playground with John Paolo Gonzales. My cute little brother. He is just 4 years old. We can’t play here because we might get lost and our parents told us to stay here. Do you wonder why we are using English when we talk? It’s because our parents want us to talk in English and not in Korean.

"Pao, noona will just buy ice cream. Just stay here, okay?" (Noona-older sister)

"Yes noona. I want a chocolate ice cream!"

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