Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

I padded barefoot down the long stone hall with my shoes in hand. The torches on the wall had been put out for the night and it was so dark that I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

I finally reached the kitchen and walked through it until I reached the door. I stretched my hand out and opened the door slowly, silently willing the thick wooden door not to creak and give me away. After I got the door opened I slipped out and into the night air. With nothing but the light of the moon to guide my way, I snuck across the bailey. As I came upon the stables I listened hard to make sure none of the stable tenants were inside. After waiting a few moments, all was still quiet so I eased the door open and walked over to Angus' stall.

Angus was standing up with his big head hung low to the ground. I assumed he was sleeping so I quietly strolled up to him and reached a soothing hand out to stroke his forehead. I must have surprised him because he jerked his head up and let out a whinny. I reached for him again and began to murmur quietly to him in Gaelic. It always seemed to soothe him. He soon began to knicker quietly at me as he nuzzled his head into my neck. I rubbed his mane for a few more moments before I pulled away and slipped my shoes back onto my feet. 

A hand was suddenly placed on my back and it caused me to jump up and twirl around, ready and willing to strike at the mystery person.

"Whoa there Catrìona," Fiona says as she gently grabbed my arm and pulled it back down to my side.

"Damn Fiona. Ye scared the living daylights out of me." I said as I raised my hand up to my chest and pressed it to my heart. It was beating as loud as a herd of wild horses galloping across a meadow.

"Sorry Catrìona. I was noo trying tae sneak up on ye. I twas only trying tae be as quiet as possible so that I wouldn't alert anybody that was awake tae my presence."

"Ach it tis alright, now come on, we need tae get going," I turned and opened the stall door. I reached down, grabbed my satchel and slung it across my shoulders. Then I began to lead Angus out of the stable and into the moonlight.

Fiona walked to the stall next door, fetched her bag, and then she also lead her chestnut colored mare Molly to follow me out the door.

Once I was outside I grabbed onto Angus' mane and using my acquired skills from years of practice, I swung myself up onto his back. After Fiona followed suit we took off into the woods and headed north into the unknown. With any luck, it would be better to us than all that we have known so far.

Hope you liked it! Sorry it's shorter.

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