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Pen Your Pride

Sexy Teacher - a Dirty One Shot

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"C'mon Jaimo get ready! Uncle Bruno is going to get you to school today" Jaime said loudly. "Ugh thanks for that Bru, I'm so late for my meeting!" She said to me. "It's ok sis! I'm handling this! No fear - the Brunz is here!" I said. "Thank you so much!" She said as she rushed to the door. "Bye Jaimo sweetie! Have fun in school!" She said and Jaimo rushed to her to give her a goodbye hug. "Bye mommy!" He said and she left out.

"You got everything buddy?" I asked him. "Yes!" He answered. "Ok! So let's go so you won't late" I said and we went outside.

I love my little nephew. He's the sweetest young boy! He always happy to see me and I'm happy to see him!

We ran down the hallway for Jaimo's class. More like he ran and I chased him. Without noticing, both me and Jaimo bumped in to someone. "I'm so sorr-" I got cut seeing the face of a lady. "I'm sorry ms. Galloway!" Jaimo said. "It's ok Jaimo! Get in to class now!" She said nicely. "Bye Uncle B!" Jaimo waved goodbye to me. "Have a nice day Jaimo!" I said back to him and he got in his class.

"Look who I see here," I said. "You haven't aged a day Aylin. Still looks good" I added and she smiled. "Nice to see you too Bruno" she said. "Now when was the last time we've seen?" I asked. "After High School. When you wanted to be a superstar and I wanted to go to college" she said. "And it worked out pretty good for me eventually" I smirked. "It is, but it took a long time till you got famous" she said. "7 years to be exact" I said. "And every year I hoped you'd come back to me and tell me you'd miss me so you're back" she said. "Well here I am now! And I do miss everything we had" I smirked and she chuckled. "It is a nice surprise for the day" she smiled.

"So... A teacher huh?" I asked. "You know how much I love kids" she said. "And how smart ass you are" I said and she laughed a little. "Yeah... So why not combine it both?" She smiled. "Great idea" I said. "So... Ms. Galloway..." I said and she chuckled. "Is there someone special in your life that replaced my place?" I asked. "Very rude to ask Mr. Mars" she joked. "But you know no one can take your place" she smirked. "Is that a no? Aww the poor teacher's life" I said and she laughed. "My life are fine! What about you Mr. Superstar?" She asked. "No one special in my life right now" I said. "Aww the poor superstar's life. Surrounded by many girls who'd like to get marry him but doesn't have a girlfriend" she pouted jokingly. I chuckled at her. "Well then... Would you like to go out sometime?" I asked. "I'm free tonight actually if you can" she said. "Sure why not, I'll pick you up at nine." I said. We exchanged our phone numbers and she gave me her address and suddenly the first bell cut us. "I got to go to class..." She said. "Never thought I will here this sentence gets out of your mouth again" I laughed a little and she smiled. "I'll see you at nine!" She said. "You know it!" I said as I walked outside.

Aylin was my last girlfriend in high school. We had an amazing relationship that includes everything: from love - to making love. She was the smart one. I was the one who failed. But I never failed at driving her crazy and giving her all my love. We had to breakup when we graduated cause I moved to LA to pursue my dream and she wanted to go to college. I wanted her to come to LA with me but she didn't want to leave Hawaii. I guess she did moved to LA eventually but we didn't met.

Memorizing all the great moments we had, all the passion and lust and also the love we shared was incredible. I hope it will happen again tonight...


21:15 a little fashionable late. I knocked on her door and she opened it. I checked her out from head to toe: high hills and a short black dress that sit perfectly on her, showing all the right places for me, and only me. Her makeup was just the right way and her hair fell beautifully down her shoulder. "I should've known you, always gives a fashionable late" she smiled. "You look beautiful" I said and bit my lips. "Thanks, you don't look bad yourself" she smirked. "Let's go!" I said and led her to my car.

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