Chapter XXI- Fire and Ice in the Sky

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White light... It was the only thing she could see, before the mist faded away and left her gasping for air like she had been drowned in water. When Ahsoka opened her eyes, she knew that she was no longer in the darkness with the voice. She was looking out into the blue glow of hyperspace, sitting in a cot-pit.

"Wha-...?" Was the only thing she managed to say. Her head felt really heavy and it was hard to keep it up, as well as feeling quite dizzy and daze—being on a random ship didn't help with her state, either. "Where... Huh?"

The next thing she knew, the neon streaks of light speed shortened out, returning back to normal space... Though something wasn't right. By the millions of city lights, glowstone glow, hexagons of the underworld, Ahsoka could make out Coruscant... And now she knew something wasn't right. A bright fiery, orange luminescence surrounded the planet like a blanket, slowly closing in on it. Even from the mysterious ship, Ahsoka could feel the searing heat it caused. Space always seemed to be cold, though now it was burning, and was only worse for Coruscant.

She didn't know how—maybe from the adrenaline or shock and terror and panic—she reached a level of the Force that she couldn't feel before. The living Force was faintly coming back to her, though it was filled with horror, pain and trauma—so dense, she felt like collapsing or throwing up.

Another thread through the Force beamed. It wasn't just a random civilian's, though. The Force signature mentally screamed, and she immediately recognised the voice.

Master! She cried through their bond, trying to connect. Their was a lot clouding the Force, though she tried to ignore it as best she could.

"Ahsoka!?" She felt Anakin's mixture of shock and relief, giving both of them the slight comfort from hearing from each other.

I see it—I see Coruscant. It's in flames. She said back. She felt the bond ease, as Anakin knew that she wasn't on the surface, though for Ahsoka the dread sunk in and got heavier once she realised he was. No... Master... By now Ahsoka was crying. She would have to watch from space, billions of people—including her Master—burn to nothing but ashes.


As he looked up at the sky, all he saw was dark orange flames. The fear in the Force started as soon as they appeared. The others in the Jedi temple all came out into one of the open hangars, only to see and feel the searing heat. Some younglings and padawans were crying, and from what Anakin could tell, so was Ahsoka.

With a concoction of all the horror, it was hard to even stand. If he thought he knew pain before, he was wrong. Thousands of people screamed their emotions into his mind, until Anakin could no longer take it, so he screamed with them.


"Good, good..." She pressed on. THEY had just began to engulf the flames outside the stratosphere. She could hear them all and their shrieks of panic only fuel her power. What she and him were doing was difficult—it took a lot of energy, though she remained on the objective and pushed further, guiding the heat down around Coruscant, to kill Sidious—who would kill them for letting the Chosen one escape—and the Chosen One—who they could not risk Sidious seducing to the Dark Side. But the Jedi, Senate and civilians were just for the fun of it.

She felt the heat rise up, concentrate her darkness towards the city world. The intensity got heavy, the heat rose, the flames engulfed, the people wailed... And that's when she knew, everyone would die.


Closing his eyes for a desperate moment of relief from the agony of terror, Anakin tried to send the screams in the Force away, though they didn't. They kept coming until it was all he could hear. One scream ripped through the air physically this time, like a bone-chilling screech. It was too late to realise it was his own. He couldn't feel the other Masters shaking him back to reality, couldn't hear their desperate call's of his name, couldn't see their alarmed faces... they couldn't feel the same things he felt.

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