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Nobody Compares to You

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Hi Guys, this is the first FanFic I have written. I love writing so you know. Hope you enjoy it!!


Chapter 1

Georgia's POV

Hi I'm Georgia. I am 17. I have got long wavy brunette hair, and shiny brown eyes. I have got clear skin and I am tanned. I always have my nails painted a light purple colour. I wear foundation, mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner. My home life is pretty simple. I live with my mum, dad and 2 sisters called Scarlett and Laura. My parents are the most caring people in the world! I work at a horse riding school/horse stables, I love working there, I get up everyday and I just cant wait to arrive and then the other helpers come after they have finished school at about 4:00pm. I have a 1D bedroom. I love them so much, they are the best band ever. I am still waiting for a follow off them from twitter. Doubt that will ever happen. I just want them to notice me. Pfft. Anyway back to the point I have a green bedroom and one whole side of my bedroom wall is packed with 1D posters. I need to get some more. I want to fill my whole room with 1D posters. They are amazing, they are just the best idols ever! I have many friends, but my best friend is Chloe. She loves One Direction just like me! Me and her have liked them ever since X Factor. We voted for them loads. Shame they didn't get through though. Oh well. They still won our hearts, and a lot of other girls'. My favourite out of the band is Liam Payne. Oh my goodness, he is so dreamy, his muscles are massive and he seems like the kind of boy to protect you. I wish I was his! Me and Chloe have always wanted to meet 1D but we never have got the chance to go to any meet and greets.



Sorry it was short, these couple of chapters are just introductions to the characters. I want to see how many reads I get and then I will update. Vote for me and comment for the next chapter!:)


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