Chapter 33

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(Tay Pov)

"Thanks For Meeting Me" I Said As I Stood Up And Greeted Janiq.

The Other Day... 3 Days Ago I Couldnt Meet With Her Because Damien Wouldnt Let Me Out.

Actually He Demanded I Stay In... He Even Called In Work And Stayed At The House. He Took My Phone And Kepted Me On Lock For Those Two Days...

Lucky For Me Im Not An Employee In My Line Of Work Or Else Whoever My Boss Is Would've Fired Me... But Too Bad Im My Own Boss.

Damien Doesnt Want Me Talking To Janiq And He Wont Tell Me The Reason Why... But Last Time I Check I Make My Own Friends.

"Im Sorry For Standing You Up The Other Day" I Said As I Sat Back Down.

"Taylor Its Okay" She Said As She Took A Seat Beside Me On The Park Bench.

"No Its Not Okay" I Said. "Nobody Should Be Stood Up Without An Explanation" I Added. "Im Sorry I Didnt Call" I Apologized.

"He Didnt Want You Hanging With Me Huh?" Janiq Asked Me.

"I Dont Why... But Yeah" I Said. "He Refused To Tell Me Why?" I Added.

"Taylor Can I Tell You Something?" She Asked Me.

"Wassup" I Said.

"Do You About Me And Damien?" She Asked Me.

"All He've Told Me Is That You Guys Are Good Friends" I Said, And Thats The Truth.

"Well Taylor... Me And Damien Actually Had A Thing Once Upon A Time" She Said.

Damn, Thats Probably Why He Didnt Want Me Talking To Her... Cause Shes His Ex...

"Why'd You Guys Break Up?" I Curiously Asked.

"We Didnt Break Up..." She Started And I Guess She Seen The Face Reaction I Had After She Said We Didnt Break Up.

"Its Not Like That Taylor" She Said. "I Actually Ran Away... From Him" She Added.

That Made Me Think. I Wonder If She Went Thru What Im Going Thru? Or Did She Have Any Kids?

"Did He Ever..." I Started To Asked But I Guess She Knew The Question.

"Yeah He Have" She Said As She Looked Away Towards The Playground. "Ive Spent A Year Paying On My Hospital Bills" She Said.

Damn, I Said To Myself. I Never Was Or Got Hurt That Bad...

"Why?" I Asked. "Why Did He Do That To You?" I Asked Her.

"He Has Anger Problems" She Said And Sometimes It Get Out Of Control" She Added.

"I Remember In The Beginning He Was A Different Person... But After A While Its Like Some Spirit Took Over Him" I Said.

"Sound Like The Same Damien I Encountered" She Said And We Both Laughed A Little.

"Is He Still On The White? And Trees?" She Asked.

"Yup" I Said.

"Still Running The Streets?" She Asked.

"Yup" I Said. "Still Running The Street" I Added. "But He Running It On His Own And Enjoying It By Hisself" I Said.

"What You Mean?" She Asked.

"I Dont Eat Or Where That Dirty Money... I Aint With That, So When The House Of Cards Come Down I Won't Be Under It" I Added.

"You Go Girl" She Said And We Shared A Hand Clap.

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